Thanks for the check in email, I am really excited to start the Ultimate MTB Workout Program. I listened to the audio last night while going through the pdf. This is going to give me some direction in the gym (just recently started going and am glad I bought your workout I found myself kind of lifting aimlessly).

I do have a quick question on one of the warm up exercises. The shoulder dislocations I just don’t get. I can’t even come close to what it is I think you are doing. So with the broomstick above your head you are rotating your arms all the way back to your butt?? Is that really a movement my shoulders should be able to do? I can not even come close to this.

Here is what he is referring to…

overhead-shoulder-dislocation-1 overhead-shoulder-dislocation-2


Thanks for the feedback, I’m sure that you’ll find your results far more satisfying that what you usually get with the “wonder around” method. As for the shoulder dislocations, yes, it is something that you should be able to do. Not being able to do it reveals some serious mobility issues that can only lead to pain down the road.

The secret is to just work in the range of motion that you have and to do it several times a every day. In addition, using a piece of rubber tubing instead of a broomstick is will help you ease into the exercise. Just put the broomstick or rubber tubing in the living room and to crank out 5-10 reps of it every time you see it sitting there.

Don’t disregard the importance of this advice because if you simply work on getting stronger with your current shoulder mobility you will eventually hurt yourself. Let me know if you have any more questions…

-James Wilson-

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