In this episode of the MTB Strength Coach Podcast I interview Josh Henkin, creator of the Ultimate Sandbag and THE expert when it comes to how to improve your strength and fitness using sandbag training. After seeing a demo by Josh I immediately recognized the impact they could have on a mountain biker’s training program and so I got some to use in my training facility. I wanted to get Josh on the podcast to tell us more about sandbag training and why it is so important to incorporate into your workouts.

In this podcast we cover:

  • How Josh got into sandbag training.
  • When he realized that sandbags offered something much more than just another way to do the same old exercises.
  • Three unique benefits you’ll see from sandbag training.
  • Some tips to someone just starting out with sandbag training.
  • Why he started making his own brand of sandbags.
  • Why can’t just use another piece of equipment and get the same results.

You can find out more about the Ultimate Sandbag and Josh’s Dynamic Variable Resistance programs at

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-James Wilson-

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