Have you ever heard the saying that “to achieve what others can’t, you must be willing to do what others won’t”?

Of course, you can use this saying to motivate you to work out or watch what you eat…and you should, because those are important things…but I’d argue that you should also use it to motivate you to get more sleep.

Most people reading this are sleep deprived in some way, either from a lack of sleep or poor quality sleep. And while I knew that sleep was important, it wasn’t until recently that I realized how important it was.

Whatever the cause, the results from sleep deprivation are the same…

– Decreases in aerobic capacity

– Decreases in strength and power

– Increases in reaction times 

– Increases in catabolic “stress” hormones

…and this is just to name a few. As the guest on this podcast put it, sleep is the lever that you can pull that will impact everything else in your body.

In this episode of the BikeJames Podcast, I interview sleep coach Nick Lambe. He helps people improve their sleep habits and the quality of their sleep through his business The Online Sleep Coach and he came on the podcast to share some insights and tips to help you with yours.

You can learn more and contact Nick on IG at @theonlinesleepcoach or online at www.onlinesleepcoach.com. He does both private and small group sleep coaching and I highly recommend checking out the free stuff he posts on Instagram.

You can stream or download this episode by clicking the link below. You can also find  the BikeJames Podcast on Itunes and Podbean.

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Sleep is like a legal performance enhancing drug that far too few of us take advantage of. Hopefully this podcast will help you achieve better results both on and off the bike by daring to do what others won’t…getting enough sleep.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

4 thoughts on “Sleep Coaching with Nick Lambe – New BikeJames Podcast

  1. Mike T says:

    I’m finding my sleep quality and nutrition has a bigger impact on my riding than just riding more. I’ve also used the Chilipad for over a year and it has been a game changer. Don’t worry about getting a white noise machine, the chilipad will make that noise when working.

    • bikejames says:

      I totally agree, recovery are so important and sleep and nutrition are the foundation for those things. I love my ChiliPad too, made a huge difference. Thanks for the feedback, glad you’re finding the same things I am.

  2. Robert Rose says:

    Excellent podcast! I’m surprised mouth taping didn’t come up. That has been a game changer for my sleep hygiene. I’m also glad to finally get some opinions on melatonin.

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