A few weeks ago I posted a video showing you how you can use Loaded Carries to improve your core strength, grip strength, posture and breathing. I’ve found them to be a powerful addition to my current workouts and the workouts I design for my clients and today I want to share a new way to use them in your workouts.

However, as good as they are I’ve found a way to make them even harder.

One of my favorite training methods is to use Combination Exercises, where you combine two or more exercises into one. And by combining Kettlebell Front Squats with Rack Walks you come up with a brutally hard version that will really challenge your core strength and breathing.

Doing this Combination Exercise is simple – start by doing 5 reps of a Kettlebell Front Squat and then immediately start your Rack Walk. You quickly see that you won’t have to walk far before your lungs and upper back are screaming.

You can also apply this concept to Kettlebell Deadlifts and Farmers Walks, although they are not nearly as hard as the Squat + Rack Walk combo.

Check out this video to see these two Combination Exercises in action plus learn some valuable coaching tips to help you get more out of the exercises.

I recommend doing 3-5 rounds of these Combination Exercises. I also recommend doing them on separate training days and not trying to fit both into the same workout.

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James Wilson

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