If you are a 40+ year old mountain biker then odds are you suffer from some type of joint pain, stiffness or restricted range of motion. Your body has 230 joints in it and mountain biking seems to take its toll on a lot of them.

Well, unfortunately you are not alone. Over 21 million American adults face common “wear and tear” joint problems. And as mountain bikers we also face the reality of injury to a joint from a wreck, increasing the odds that you’ll have to deal with some sort of joint issues as you get older.

As this happens you may start to find it…

– Difficult to ride as hard and as fast as you used to.

– Tough to ride hard on consecutive days.

– Challenging to train as hard in the gym, cutting into your strength and fitness base.

– Hard to stay as active with other activities, including keeping up with your kids.

And while there are some great supplements on the market to help with joint pain, exciting new research on a little known Vitamin found in fermented bean paste is showing that it can address this problem in a new and unique way.

Vitamin K2 – which is not the same as regular Vitamin K – is an interesting compound because it does something that no other joint pain supplement does.

Because of this it delivers two unique benefits:


1 – Vitamin K2 Directs Calcium to Your Bones and Joints. A little recognized factor in joint health is your bone health. Since your joints usually connect the ends of two bones together, the health of your bones is a big part of the health of your joints.

A major factor in bone health is bone density, which is how much calcium you have in your bones. While we all know that calcium is important for bone health, what is less known is that calcium doesn’t automatically go there.

What research is finding is that calcium has to be “told” by Vitamin K2 to go to the bones. Without it the calcium you eat or take as a supplement can end up in other places like the heart. This also means that a deficiency in Vitamin K2 can make it harder for the body to repair the stress applied to the bony parts of the joint structure. This starts to add up over time and leads to increased pain and stiffness.

2 – Vitamin K2 Reduces Chronic Inflammation. Another factor in joint health that isn’t widely known is chronic inflammation. Unlike the local inflammation that happens when you sprain a joint to help it recover, this chronic inflammation is a low level condition that places a low level of stress on your joints at all times.  

However, new research is showing that Vitamin K2 has a powerful effect on this chronic inflammation. When left unchecked, this low level stress contributes to the constant ache in some joints that can become a constant companion for some riders. It also makes it harder for your joints to recover from hard training and riding sessions, leading to extra wear and tear on the joints over time.


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Both of these factors have a direct impact on joint health in a way that no other joint pain supplement can. Which means that if you have one or more sore, achy joints that just don’t seem to get better despite taking “the right stuff” then Vitamin K2 may hold the key.

With a growing body of research behind it, Vitamin K2 has been described as “that supplement that everyone will be talking about in 5 years.” However, you don’t have to wait until then to take advantage of this supplement and its unique benefits.

If you are a 40+ year old mountain biker who is suffering from sore, achy joints then let me share my experience with Vitamin K2, how it has helped me and how you can try it for yourself. It has made a real impact on my riding, training and overall quality of life and I know it can help you as well.

Click here to let me share my story with you and tell you more about Vitamin K2 and how it can help the 40+ year old mountain biker improve their Joint Health.

You know I don’t promote or endorse a lot of supplements but this is one I am insisting that my wife and parents use because of how much I believe in what it can do for them. If you are starting to feel the wear and tear of playing hard for several decades and the usual joint health supplements aren’t working for you then click below to learn more about how Vitamin K2 might be what you’re looking for.

Click here to let me share my story with you and tell you more about Vitamin K2 and how it can help the 40+ year old mountain biker improve their Joint Health.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

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