If you kept up with my In-Season Training Strategies video series last week then you understand why Mobility Training needs to be your #1 In-Season Training priority. When it starts to go then all sorts of bad things happen, from decreased performance to increased pain and overuse injuries.

However, if you didn’t get a chance to watch all 3 videos I can sum it up for you like this…

Mobility is like the alignment in your car. You can have a powerful engine (muscles) and a big gas tank (cardio) but if you have bad alignment you’ll waste a lot of power and gas plus you’ll wear out your tires faster. In other words, bad mobility means that you produce less power, you waste more energy doing it and you wear out your joints faster.

Simply put, your ability to move freely underpins everything you do on the bike.

I also explained how mobility has 3 parts (tension, length and motor control) and that doing 10-15 minutes of mobility training 5-7 days a week was better than doing 60-90 minutes of yoga once a week. This means that a good mobility strategy will have you doing something to address all 3 areas of mobility on an (almost) daily basis.

During the riding season you have to especially be on guard against losing mobility as you spend more time on the bike, adding a lot of tension to the same muscles over and over again. However, a lot of riders simply don’t know what to do and end up doing a few token stretches (which I explained can actually make the situation worse) or they end up doing nothing. Either way they end up in a spiral of decreasing mobility and performance and increasing joint pain.

Since this is the time of year that you need to be ramping up your mobility training to offset the extra riding you’re doing I have created the new Mountain Bike Mobility Videos to help you with that problem. This new program includes 6 follow-along mobility routines and will give you everything you need to address both specific problem areas and to address the need for a good pre-workout/ ride warm up routine.

First are 3 all-new Specialized Mobility Routines that target the main problem areas for mountain bikers…

  • Shoulders/ Neck
  • Low Back/ Hips/ Knees
  • Ankles/ Knees

Each of these 10-15 minute routines will take you through a series of foam rolling, dynamic stretching and mobility drills that will help restore mobility and decrease pain in these key areas. Focusing on your specific problem areas will help you get far more out of your daily mobility practice than just using a more general routine can.

Next are 3 progressive warm up routines from my Time Crunched Trail Rider Program that prepares the body to train/ ride while also decreasing the risk of injury. These 15 minute routines get your body primed and ready to performance and can set you up for a powerful, pain free performance.

That’s 6 total follow-along mobility routines – none of which take more than 15 minutes to complete – that will give you the tools you need to greatly improve your mobility and the quality of your rides/ training sessions while also decreasing nagging aches and pains. Even if you’re not following one of my workout routines you can use these mobility routines to enhance the results of whatever routine you are following.

After finalizing the routines and shooting the videos over the last few weeks I’m finally ready to release this new program and I really want to get these new videos into the hands of as many riders as possible. I think that these Mountain Bike Mobility Videos will literally change the lives of a lot of riders as it helps them discover that they can not only move better but also move pain free.

So, to do that I’m going to have a No-Brainer Launch Special where I make this such a great deal you don’t even have to think about.

For starters, while the final price on the 6 Mountain Bike Mobility routines will be $37 I’m going to give it to you for only $17, which is over 50% off the regular price! While this is a great deal in itself I’m going to throw in a bunch of bonuses as well.

First up, you’ll get a FREE copy of my 15 Minute Trail Rider Tune Up (15 M-TRTU) Workouts. These 15 minute routines are the perfect compliment to the mobility routines, giving you a short workout to that will help cement your mobility gains while also helping improve your strength and fitness. With over 20 of these innovative routines to choose from – including bodyweight, TRX and kettlebell routines – you’re sure to find a couple that you really love.

Next, you’ll also get FREE access to a special video album that contains every mobility video I’ve ever shot. This includes demos of dozens of warm up routines, stretches, foam roller demos and other mobility tools. I’ve never had all of these available in one place before (some have never been released before) and it will contain a lot of videos that you can’t find anywhere else.

So, all together you’ll get…

  • The new Mountain Bike Mobility Videos which includes 6 follow-along video routines.
  • The 15 M-TRTU workouts which has over 20 workouts, each with its own video demo.
  • The special Bonus MTB Mobility Video Album which has dozens and dozens of additional routines and demos not found anywhere else.

…all for only $17! This is a crazy good deal, which is why it won’t last long. At the end of this week this deal will be gone for good so don’t wait, click on the link below to grab your copy today!

Click Here to Order the New Mountain Bike Mobility Videos for only $17 plus all of the FREE bonuses before this special deal ends this weekend.

Hopefully I’ve done my job and made this such a great deal that it really is a No-Brainer and some of you who wouldn’t usually be interested in a mobility product will check it out. Once you experience the power of improved mobility you’ll see that it truly is the key to better performance and less pain.

-James Wilson-


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