This is a Special Report I put together last week that includes the Top 3 Clipless Pedal Myths and How to Build a Better Pedal Stroke. I just wanted to make this resource available to those of you who are interested in my Barefoot Pedaling theory and want to try flats but still have some questions and for those of you who are already part of the tribe and need some info to help you answer the questions I know you get from other riders.

In addition to debunking some of  the common myths surrounding clipless pedals I also include 3 exercises that will help you build the type of powerful, efficient pedal stroke seen in top riders, regardless of whether they ride flats or clipless. Once you put these exercises to use you’ll find a lot of what you thought were “advantages” of clipless pedals were, in fact, just a way for you to cover up the hip and core weaknesses present in so many riders.

Please take a second to click on the link below to download your special report and please feel free to send it to friends, post in forums and basically use it to help spread the word about how riders really do have a choice when it comes to pedal selection and that flats are every bit as good on the trail.

Top 3 Clipless Pedal Myths & Building a Better Pedal Stroke

-James Wilson-

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