One of the lessons that got repeated about 50 times at the RKC certification was this:

“You can either make your start hard and your finish will be easy or you can start easy and your finish will be hard”.

Their point was that you really need to take the time to set up right for a lift. If you slack off and don’t get everything tight and ready to lift then your actual reps will be much harder. A little more focus and energy up front will pay huge dividends at the end of the set.

This is something we all have to be diligent about because our bodies are so darn lazy – they will always take the path of least resistance. Strength is a mindset and without training your focus as well as your body you’ll be missing out on a lot of the results you should be getting.

Next time you train take an extra second after you think your ready to start an exercise and get your core tighter, your shoulders packed better and glutes engaged and see if you’re not noticeably stronger.

-James Wilson-

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