I’ve got family in town for my little girl’s 4th birthday (which was yesterday) so I don’t have a ton of time for a blog post but I wanted to mention something that I have been thinking about lately. We all have rides were we feel great and rides where we think we should have stayed home and played Guitar Hero.

The secret to minimizing the bad days and maximizing the good days is to pay attention to how you move on your bike. If you watch you will notice that on good days you tend to have better positioning on the bike – your hips are back, your chest is down towards the handlbars, your spine is straight and your elbows are flared out. I’ll guarantee on your bad days you tend to do the opposite – your hips are under you, your chest is upright, your spine is rounded and your elbows are tucked in.

If you do nothing else than make a conscious effort to get low and stay low then you will find that you can turn a bad day around pretty quickly. Try it out next time you are on the trail and just feel “off” and you’ll be pleased with the results.

-James Wilson-

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