Here is a reality check I often have with myself or clients when we start to lose focus on what will really help us ride with more speed, endurance and confidence on the trail…

– You don’t need to find a new “sport specific” exercise or fancy workout style to improve your riding, you just need to perform the basics better.

– You don’t need a new diet program, you just need to apply some basic habits more consistently.

– You don’t need a new bike, you just need to learn how to improve your trail skills.

The truth is that most of us already know everything you need in order to greatly improve as a rider. What we really need to do is to stop looking for the “magic bullet” that will change everything overnight.

Start taking action on the things you KNOW you need to be doing.

Training consistently, eating clean (most of the time) and riding with a purpose aren’t glamorous but they get the job done.

Hope this helps motivate you to either stick to this plan if you’re already following it and if your not to stop making excuses and start today. Your next workout/ meal/ ride could be a step on the road to “great” or it could be just another step on the road to “average”.

You choose.

-James Wilson-

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