In my training facility I use circuits like this for riders looking to build some strength and cardio in a, high energy package. I recommend at least 2 days a week of regular strength training along with a circuit like this one.

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August 2011 Punisher 2 Circuit

Circuit #1 – 10 reps per exercise/ Keep going through the circuit for 10 minutes

Exercise #1 – Guard Press

Exercise #2 – Lunge

Exercise #3 – Row

Circuit #2 – 40 seconds work/ 20 seconds rest X 4 rounds

Exercise #1 – Uni Swing

Exercise #2 – Jump Rope

Exercise #3 – RDL + Single Arm Row

Exercise #4 – TRX Single Leg Push Ups

Exercise #5 – Ab Rollouts

You can watch a video demo of this routine below

– James Wilson –

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