Learn why standing up on your bike is way better for your performance and fun than sitting down. The 4 Pedaling Quadrants explains why.

3 thoughts on “The 4 Pedaling Quadrants…or Why Standing Up Rocks

  1. James Hosfield says:

    The timing on this is perfect. I finally got in my first single-track trail ride on snow this past Saturday. I’ve had my new Catalyst pedals for almost a month but mostly just commuting to work on the fat bike. The trail was in amazing condition and while I was riding I became aware that I was most in control when standing on the pedals. Riding single-track on snow requires more concentration and it less forgiving of wandering from the line. I feel standing lets me use my body position to keep the bike on track. I probably rode about 90% of the 10 miles out of the saddle. The thing that dawned on me later was standing was easier and less taxing then usual. I feel like the extra support the Catalyst pedal provide made the difference.

  2. j wing says:

    My experience corroborates the 4 Pedaling Quadrants Theory. However, mountain bike reviewers seem to be obsessed with effective seat tube angle. If seated pedaling under high tension is bad, why does seat tube angle matter?

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