I got this e-mail yesterday from my friend and colleague Lee McCormack of www.leelikesbikes.com. Lee is also a member of my Inner Circle coaching group (www.mtbonlinegym.com) so he has been working a lot on the single leg deadlift. I just thought it was a great testimonial about the power of one of my favorite exercises as well as what will happen when you keep working on it even though it is pretty awkward at first…

“Hey James,

I just wanted to tell you one of the ways you’ve helped me gain a whole new awareness (and power).

The single-legged dead lift, brother.

You might remember teaching me that move about three years ago. I was struggling with 10 pounds, all balled up and uncoordinated in ways I didn’t yet understand. But that’s a great move. An ingenious one that integrates a whole lot of important parts.

Well, I’ve been practicing that move consistently — working toward mastery, right? — and I’m now moving cleanly with 120 pounds, and I’m ready to step up the resistance.

That single move — and the awareness it has fostered — has made me much stronger on and off the bike.

Thanks man. Onward!”


Thanks Lee, helping my fellow riders get better on the bike is why I do this and I love to hear when I have been able to do that.

-James Wilson-

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