Let’s face it – our wrists take a beating on the trail. From the pounding they take simply holding onto the handlebars to the countless injuries they incur from falls, for a lot of riders their wrists have been through a lot of wear and tear.

And with that wear and tear comes a loss of wrist mobility. Whether it is from an acute injury where the wrist never went back to normal or simply “stiffness”, this loss of mobility isn’t usually noticeable on the bike but becomes apparent off of it.

For example, I’ve trained a lot of riders who couldn’t bend their wrists enough to comfortably do push ups. This lack of wrist mobility won’t show up much on the bike since your wrists aren’t pushed into that position but it can cause problems as it indicates a loss of normal range of motion you’ll need in daily life.

Plus, the better your wrist mobility the more extreme position your wrist can be put into before something pops or tears, saving you from a potential wrist injury the next time you crash.

Since a lot of riders need to work on their wrist mobility I like to use an exercise called the Crow Stand. Borrowed from yoga, it is a great way to improve your wrist mobility while also building forearm and core strength.

In this video I show you how to do the Crow Stand, plus how you can ease into it if you have really bad wrist mobility. I’ve had several clients who swore they’d never be able to get their wrist mobility to improve who are now able to do push ups and handstand push ups with no discomfort and it all started with this basic exercise.

I’d recommend doing 2-3 sets of 5 reps, rocking forward and holding the position for a second each rep. When you can do that easily then start to hold the position for time, building up to 60 seconds. Once you can hold the Crow Stand for 60 seconds your wrist mobility and forearm strength will be much improved.

If you have any questions about the Crow Stand or have any tips you’ve found helpful in improving wrist mobility please leave a comment below. And if you liked this post please click one of the Like or Share buttons below to help spread the word.

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James Wilson

2 thoughts on “The Crow Stand for improved wrist mobility and forearm strength.

  1. Gary B Bowser says:

    I appreciated the video on the Crows Stance. I have been suffering from a wrist issue for several years. Finally went to a orthopedic surgeon who found a previous injury from years ago. Now arthritis has developed. He gave me no hope for recovery but felt cortisone would ease the pain and swelling until things got to the point that surgery would be necessary to fuse some bones. Not what I wanted to hear! I’m 61 and an avid rider with the desire to continue riding until …..well until I can’t. Along with this lack of mobility, there is a constant numbness in my palm and fingers. Sometimes, to the point that I can’t feel the brake lever well. Any thoughts? Gary

    • bikejames says:

      It is kind of tough to give you too much specific advice because I don’t know what you are doing or have tried before. In my experience I’ve had a couple of things help with my elbows, which have arthritis already and I jokingly call my “hell-bows” because they can hurt so bad sometimes.

      First, you should be doing some daily mobility and soft tissue work. Even just some self massage thorough the forearms can help. I have also been using the Boomstick and it has helped relieve some tension in the forearms and biceps.

      Second, I’ve found CBD to help as well, both orally and the topical lotions.

      And third, I’d recommend making doubly sure that you handlebars are not too wide. Anything wider than what you would use for a push up is going to put your upper body in a less structurally sound position, which places more stress on the joints. The wrists are especially vulnerable and so getting your handlebars in the 680-700 mm range can really help with that as well.

      Hope this helps…

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