If you don’t live in Grand Junction you’d never know it but one of the sickest riding spots in Colorado is hidden in the surrounding mountains (hills?). The Ranch, as it is known, is 30+ acres of sick lines, drops, jumps and skinnies unlike anything else in this area. Last year we put on of the trails, Air Supply, on some steroids and growth hormone (although it denies it took any PEDs in front of Congress) and hosted a slopestyle comp.

It was super fun and word spread so this year it is going on again (April 23rd-26th) and it is going to be even bigger and badder. Pro riders will be hosting clinics, there will be guided rides on the local trails and a Dual Slalom is being added to the event list. If you like to go big or just have some grassroots syle fun you won’t want to miss this!

Here is a video from last years comp –


Here is the website to find out more info and register. Let me know if you’re coming and we’ll hook up for some “secret” stuff that won’t be open to everybody!


-James Wilson-

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