Top 10 Mountain biking super foods part 1

Here is my completely unofficial list of mountain biking super foods. To qualify as one for my list it had to be something I actually eat and use on a consistent basis and since I don’t eat a ton of broccoli and cauliflower you won’t find them or their kind. I also needed for it to be something that I didn’t need to go out of my way to find, so most of it you can find at any health food market.

Here are my first 5, I’ll post the other half in a day or so. Let me know what you think should be included, I’d be interested to see what other people think compared to what I have planned to post.

1-Blueberries – In case you did not know it blueberries are great for all sorts of things, including brain function. I don’t know about you but I’ll take all the help I can get in that area! I get most of my blueberries from the frozen ones I throw in Super Shakes or from the fresh ones my wife buys when they are in season.

2-Bananas –This is one that most people will think of but not for the reason I am including it. While bananas have been staples of mountain biker’s diets for many years based on the belief that the potassium in them would help prevent cramps, I use them in my Super Shakes. They provide a great “base” ingredient for the Super Shakes, which are invaluable in getting enough quality feedings in each day, so having them handy makes throwing a quick shake together much easier.

3-Whey protein –While whey protein can obviously be used in protein shakes, you can also use it to “balance out” a carb heavy feeding. One of the keys to sound performance nutrition is to eat some lean protein with each feeding. By throwing some whey protein on some Kashi cereal or drinking a serving of it with a serving of whole grain pasta you can turn carb heavy meals into more nutritionally balanced feedings.

4-Kefir –This superfood is kind of like yogurt on steroids. Kefir has more of all of the things that make yogurt great. The 10 active cultures in it are great for the digestive system and it tastes great as well. You can find kefir in most health food stores and it is showing up in more supermarkets as well.


5-Fish Oil – I am not sure that this is an actual food but this is my list so I get to add it anyways. If I was a good boy I would eat more salmon but I don’t, making it necessary. You need at least 6 grams of fish oil per day for optimal function. Your body uses the essential fatty acids in fish oil to maintain hormones, the nervous system, hair, skin, joints and much more. If you don’t eat fish each day then you need to supplement. I use the lemon flavored fish oil and pour it in a super shake since I don’t want to take 6 fish oil pills each day.


-James Wilson-

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  1. Lisa says:

    FYI…Krill oil is better than fish oil.

    Reply • March 21 at 7:57 am
  2. So far… agree!

    Reply • March 21 at 12:46 pm
  3. Jake stephenitch says:

    James, Looks pretty good to me. On my list I would add sweet potatoes, almond butter, Brussel sprouts, bacon, & eggs. If you don’t like steamed cauliflower, give mashed cauliflower a try. I add in some garlic and a little bacon. Sounds weird bit tastes suprisingly like mashed potatoes.

    Reply • March 21 at 11:13 pm
  4. John K. says:

    Hey Jake I like the mashed cauliflower with garlic/bacon idea. I can barely choke down cauliflower alone.

    I’ve been getting my frutis and veggies lately with green shakes. They taste vile but it’s pretty quick and effortless to drink them. I feel great knowing that I’m getting 7 servings of fruits and veggies in one go. Just thought I’d throw that out there if anyone else has trouble eating enough greens in a day.

    James this website is awesome. I have to admit I’ve been slow to uptake some of your ideas – after weightlifting for 20 years, it’s tough to hear that what I’ve been doing maybe hasn’t been ideal. For some reason, I have to almost go through a 12 step process before I can open up to some of these challenging ideas. Maybe that’s humanity in general. But when I tried a pistol squat in the gym, I quickly realized that you’re on to something here, and my workouts need to change. What a humbling exercise! The bridge exercise is already helping my posture. Thanks!

    Reply • March 22 at 11:37 am
  5. Amanda says:

    Whey protein causes many people to get gassy or bloated the Rainbow Light brand includes herbal digestives and digestive enzymes. I make a shake of almond and coconut milk with maca and raw cocoa powder, no coffee needed after that!! Green superfood I love E3Live frozen greens, best results for the money. Limit fruits stick to berries and bananas 🙂 eat veggies instead. Try adding kale or spinach to your protein shake!

    Reply • March 22 at 11:52 am
  6. Dave says:

    I would add :
    steel cut oats
    Hemp Hearts
    hemp oil

    Reply • March 25 at 1:20 am

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