Getting better at mountain biking is never easy. It’s a tough sport that requires a different breed of person to excel at.

But while there is no getting around a certain amount of pain and effort, there’s no reason to make things harder on ourselves either.

I mean, we may be crazy but we’re not stupid (at least, most of the time).

This is especially true about your training program. Yes, it is going to require some time and effort but no one wants to spend more time than needed and no one want to get hurt.

Teaching riders how to walk that fine line has been an important part of my mission with MTB Strength Training Systems and I’m always looking for ways to help you get better results in less time and with less risk of injury.

Which is why I am so pumped on Ramping Isometrics. While I thought I had seen it all when it came to safely getting stronger for mountain biking, they opened up a whole new world for me to explore and share with you.

Ramping Isometrics have several benefits that make them a must for mountain bikers. To help explain what they are I shot this video going over what Ramping Isometrics are, how to do them and covering the 3 reasons they should be a part of your program:

In short, Ramping Isometrics have these 3 benefits for mountain bikers…

1 – Safest Way to Build Strength.

Because you are not moving you don’t run the same injury risk as you do with movement based exercises. With Ramping Isometrics you can generate extremely high levels of tension within a movement pattern and it is almost impossible to strain a muscle or joint.

You also are not placing as much compressive force on the joints themselves. This leads to less wear and tear on them, keeping them healthier and feeling better than traditional weight training.

2 – Builds the Top Level of High Tension Cardio.

On the trail you some efforts force you to produce high levels of tension. Grinding up a technical climb, bombing through a rock garden or sprinting for the finish all require this high level of tension and your body has to fuel it.

Ramping Isometrics have you training your cardio system to fuel high levels of tension for 60+ seconds. This requires you to maintain good posture and breathing habits as well, both of which are essential to good cardio on the trail.

Since nothing – not even interval training – can put your body under the same levels of sustained tension Ramping Isometrics let you work on this highest level of High Tension Cardio, giving you better cardio for the hardest efforts on your bike.

3 – Efficient and Convenient Workouts.

While it sounds like something from a late night infomercial, Ramping Isometrics can produce results in just 2 workouts a week, each taking less than 20 minutes to complete. That’s less than 40 minutes of training time needed to see noticeable results in the trail.

And since all you need is a jiu-jitsu belt, a rope or even a large beach towel they don’t require any special, expensive equipment. They also travel well, letting you stay consistent with your training while on the road.

That makes them the most efficient and convenient training method I have come across. And since the #1 reason riders give for not strength training is lack of time and/ or equipment, Ramping Isometrics can make strength training accessible to far more people.

They have been a game-changer for myself and the people I work with. Over the last year I’ve been using them as the cornerstone of my own training and I’ve learned a lot of lessons about the best ways to use them for mountain biking.

Based on these lessons I have put together a new 12-week program that you can get for just $15. Click the link below to learn more and get your copy.

Ramping Isometrics for MTB

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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