An important part of becoming a better rider is understanding how certain movements connect to the skills you need on the trail to be a good mountain biker. Once you understand that you can then use exercises to target specific movement skills in order to help you ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail.

The TRX is a great training tool for us as riders since it allows us to work on some of those movement skills in unique and valuable ways. In this video I show you 3 exercises using the TRX and explain how they target different technical skills you need on your bike.

Exercise                                                          Skill

TRX Balance Lunge                       Standing Pedaling

TRX Lateral Fallout                             Cornering

TRX Jump Squat                     Manualing/ Bunny Hopping

Click play on the video below to see these exercises in action and learn more about how they apply to the different riding skills.

If you use the TRX as part of your workouts then make sure your thinking about how these exercises apply to the trail the next time you do them. If you haven’t tried using the TRX or other suspension trainer then next time you see one grab it and give these exercises a shot.

If you like using the TRX for your workouts then you might be interested to know that these 3 exercises are also featured in my MTB TRX Conditioning Workouts.

I don’t advertise it a lot but these programs feature TRX based workouts that are designed to improve your core strength, leg power and overall body awareness on the trail. Each workout has its own training log to record your progress, a video demo so that you can see exactly how to do each exercise and a way to customize the difficulty level to meet your fitness levels and goals.

There are 3 different programs, one that incorporates a Kettlebell as well. Each program individually costs $7, but right now, you can grab all 3 programs for only $17.

Click here to order all 3 of the MTB TRX workouts for mountain biking for only $17.

If you have any questions about how to use these TRX exercises in your program just post a comment below. And if you liked this post please click one of the Like or Share buttons below to help spread the word.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

2 thoughts on “TRX Exercises to improve your fitness and skills on the trail.

  1. Larry says:

    Love the TRX Balance Lunge James. I am older (& tall), and although I think the Bulgarian Split Squat you’ve demonstrated before is a great exercise, I tend to struggle with balance while doing it. This is a perfect ‘compromise’.

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