We’re all going to crash – it is just a fact of life for mountain bikers. Practicing basic tumbling drills is something I  recommended for mountain bikers to help them understand how to crash better.

Getting good at these basic drills will save your a** some day. It can be the difference between walking away from a crash and lying there in a bloody, whimpering heap. Trust me on this one, I’ve had these drills save me more than once!

-James Wilson-

1 thoughts on “Tumbling drills to save your a**

  1. Lance House says:

    good post James.
    I’m a physio and use this with the small number of MTBers I see. I am mostly informed in my rolling technique from aikido, ninjitsu and jujutsu rolling techniques and came to the realisation myself 15 years ago when I realised that their rolls – which you call the shoulder roll – almost perfectly matches the experience of a front wheel washout. I crashed with style after about 6 months aikido training… I have even once or twice rolled with my bike.
    I used your video just then with a guy post shoulder dislocation and it was excellent for me to be able to show that I’m not just some crazy guy making shit up!

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