The weather here has been bi-polar lately. Warm for a bit and then a super gnarly storm blowing through dumping snow and rain. We had a system blow in Friday and stick around all day Saturday, making riding all but impossible.


Luckily I needed the time to get my fork fixed and back on my bike. Last year I bought a Domain to throw on the front of my Turner to replace the ’03 DJ1 I was still rocking. The Domain is a great fork and can take a lot of abuse but I managed to bend both my stanchions after a season at the Ranch and our “mini-Virgin” secret riding spot.


I had to throw the old DJ on while my uppers where being ordered (it took me a while to actually remember to order them) and I started to hate that fork. It did nothing for me on the trail and I felt like I was bouncing around like a ping-pong ball.

 My old '03 DJ1 fork...still doing me no favors!
My old '03 DJ1 fork...still doing me no favors!


Luckily my new uppers came in on and I used the bad weather as an excuse to hang out all afternoon at my local bike shop talking bikes and working on my bike. I was pretty excited to get a real fork back on my bike and went to bed Saturday wanting to take it out for a break in ride on Sunday.


 My "new" old fork - like the rack glove?
My "new" old fork - like the rack glove?


The weather broke and I got a chance to get out for a quick spin at the Lunch Loop Trails with my dog last night. I forgot my regular camera but snapped a cool shot I uploaded to my FaceBook account. You can check it out here:

Anyways, I was glad to get a ride in, nothing is worse than a weekend without some dirt time on my mountain bike. The weather report looks good this week, hopefully it holds!

Anyone else get some riding in this weekend?

-James Wilson-

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