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The weather here has been bi-polar lately. Warm for a bit and then a super gnarly storm blowing through dumping snow and rain. We had a system blow in Friday and stick around all day Saturday, making riding all but impossible.


Luckily I needed the time to get my fork fixed and back on my bike. Last year I bought a Domain to throw on the front of my Turner to replace the ’03 DJ1 I was still rocking. The Domain is a great fork and can take a lot of abuse but I managed to bend both my stanchions after a season at the Ranch and our “mini-Virgin” secret riding spot.


I had to throw the old DJ on while my uppers where being ordered (it took me a while to actually remember to order them) and I started to hate that fork. It did nothing for me on the trail and I felt like I was bouncing around like a ping-pong ball.

 My old '03 DJ1 fork...still doing me no favors!

My old '03 DJ1 fork...still doing me no favors!


Luckily my new uppers came in on and I used the bad weather as an excuse to hang out all afternoon at my local bike shop talking bikes and working on my bike. I was pretty excited to get a real fork back on my bike and went to bed Saturday wanting to take it out for a break in ride on Sunday.


 My "new" old fork - like the rack glove?

My "new" old fork - like the rack glove?


The weather broke and I got a chance to get out for a quick spin at the Lunch Loop Trails with my dog last night. I forgot my regular camera but snapped a cool shot I uploaded to my FaceBook account. You can check it out here:


Anyways, I was glad to get a ride in, nothing is worse than a weekend without some dirt time on my mountain bike. The weather report looks good this week, hopefully it holds!

Anyone else get some riding in this weekend?

-James Wilson-

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  1. Karmen says:

    I was able to get some riding in Saturday before we had 4″ of snow Sunday. Once I got my seat dialed in to the right height I could tell how my work over the winter with the DB Combos had helped me with some climbing power. I had a pretty good time practicing an entrance piece for the time trial that I’m riding again this year. I don’t know if it will be the same entrance or not, but if it is I will be able to clean it now :o) or at least approach it with confidence. My time trial last year wasn’t such a good experience – had to get off and push my bike up the first little section, then tried too hard a bit later and flew over my bars and then a bit later made a totally stupid choice about shifting and broke my chain. I think I rode about 20 minutes at most. Learned a ton about what NOT to do though. My goal this year is to complete it. Anyway, with all that said, my first time out on the singletrack this Spring was a good time.

    Reply • April 6 at 5:08 pm
  2. Greg says:

    It is that time of year when I have to make some decisions. It was a beautiful day to go kayaking on Sunday, but the bike won and I got out for a couple of hours on some single track. Like Karmen I am noticing the positive effects of going through the DB Combo and Ultimate routines over the last few months. My shoulder is much better since starting the programs, but it appears my right still needs some work. I cleaned off the tennis court today, hung the net and spent a couple of hours practicing my serve. I may have over done it, but it is early in the season and there is still time to get it all dialed in. I may have to ask James about some Kayak and Tennis specific movement exercises to help me along. Life is good!

    Reply • April 6 at 5:55 pm
  3. Steve.K says:

    Roads are clear of snow – 2 weeks later than usual. Our short, furious season in Canada is finally here, and I’ll get some (short, intense) road time in on the MTB or ‘cross bike. Still have to wait a few weeks for the trails to clear. Thanks for your help on the deadlift a few weeks back. The lift feels dialed now, and I definitely notice the core strength improving. School commitments aside from finals are done, and now training = life for awhile. Thanks again!

    Reply • April 6 at 7:42 pm
  4. Jade Jenny says:

    No riding this weekend. But 5 solid hours of trail work. Pretty pumped to have a part time job this summer building trails. Have to say I was beat afterward, and the next day my core was pretty sore from carrying around large rocks and doing tons of bench work. We’ve had nothing but rain here in Vermont, but at least the snow is gone.

    Reply • April 7 at 8:35 am
  5. It was about 20 degrees and snowing off and on. Rocked the ‘cross bike from my house for an hour — 45 mins of which was spent climbing a steep/muddy/sticky dirt road in a stiff gear. Rocked the hip extension and drove force through the middle of my body. Haven’t felt this strong uphill in a loooooong time … Also been ripping the skate park and rocking dumbbells with the kid.

    Road climbing fitness + skate park fluidity + dumbbell strength should make for a productive summer!

    Reply • April 7 at 11:56 am

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