A few weeks ago I had someone tag me in a discussion in the Ryan Leech Connection FB Group regarding his experience so far with flat pedals.

While his question for me was trying to clarify why clipless pedals are bad for your knees (which they are no matter what bike fit you have) he also posted some feedback on some problems he was having with flat pedals as well.

Like a lot of riders coming back to flats after a lot of time on clipless pedals he found that his feet would slip off the pedals in some situations, especially when things got rough and technical.

These were great questions so I shot a short video answering them. I even pull out of pair of regular flats and a pair of Catalyst Pedals to show him why being on the ball of your foot creates an unbalanced, unstable foot and once you fix your foot position it takes care of a lot of common problems people have with flat pedals.

After I posted it I realized that it would be a good video to share with everyone, especially if you struggle with knee pain on clipless pedals and/ or problems with your feet coming off your pedals when using flats.

Like you’ll see in the video, foot position and support matter a lot. And once you understand how that applies to the bike it can help you in a lot of different ways.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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