Time for me to sit down and think about the stuff I learned this week while helping people get fitter and rise faster…

– One of my favorite cartoons as a kid was G.I. Joe. Every episode would end with a lesson of some sort and and emphatic “Knowing is half the battle”! In our case, knowing what to think about on the trail is half the battle. For example, we all know that you are supposed to “look up” when you’re riding your bike and not stare at your front wheel. However, what exactly are you looking at?

When I explained to my MTB Skills & Fitness Boot Camp riders that the trick is not to “look up” but instead to see yourself riding the section of trail before you get there it really helped them understand what to think about. I’ve already heard from a couple of them that just knowing this has helped them out a lot.

– Do you want to get strong and powerful or do you just want to be entertained? I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again – consistency in your strength training program is very important. I mentioned last week that I have been doing a version of Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 Program and for the last 4+ months I have done Front Squat and Push Press on day 1 of training and Clean Grip Snatch and Bench Press (more on why I chose bench press in the near future) on day 2.

Since I have been so consistent with my exercises I have been able to very systematically add a little load each month and the result has been a significant increase in my strength on those lifts and the carryover to the trail has been noticeable. If I switched main exercises every month, or worse yet every week, I never would have made the strength gains I have. In fact, I’m about to redo my facility programs to gain some more consistency in the main lifts from month to month.

– Best quote I’ve read in a while – “Life’s rewards go to those that let their actions rise above their excuses.” That’s my new line when someone tells me they can’t find time to train or afford a good program…

Hope some of these “aha!” moments give you something to think about as well. Until next week…

-James Wilson-

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