Want to learn how to improve your skills and fitness without spending hours in the gym, on a trainer or doing countless “parking lot drills”?

If you are like most riders, you probably think that you need to be a pro rider with lots of time to train or that you need to have a “natural talent” to be a great rider. But that is simply not true.  

I’ve helped hundreds of every-day riders make massive improvements in their speed, endurance and confidence using a simple method that only requires a fraction of the time usually needed. 

To be honest, though, when I developed this method I didn’t start out with the goal of helping other riders. In fact, it was a pretty selfish goal at first.  

That’s because the first rider I wanted to help was me. 

You see, I’m not what you would call a “natural rider” and I spent a lot of time picking myself up off the ground and walking my bike over a lot of stuff when I first started riding. Sure, I was having fun but I was also struggling to feel confident on the trail in technical situations or when trying to get some air under my tires. 

In fact, I remember crashing when trying to jump off an 8-inch-high curb when riding my bike to work one day. Talk about embarrassing… 

But while I struggled to ride with much skill or flow I had a riding buddy who could do just that. I remember being amazed at watching him bunny hop over things and ride up stuff that looked impossible to me. 

Riding with him in the mountain behind Santa Barbara CA quickly taught me an important lesson about mountain biking- that while I needed to improve my fitness, I also needed to improve my technical skills.  

All the fitness in the world wouldn’t matter if I was crashing or walking my bike all of the time because I couldn’t safely navigate technical trail features. I was really inspired to ride like my buddy did and that would take more than just focusing on my “cardio”. 

So I set out to find the best ways to improve both my skills and fitness on the trail.  

Like I said, it was really a selfish goal at first – I just wanted to stop being the slowest guy in every group I rode with and I wanted to stop feeling like I was trying to kill myself along the way

To do this I started to look into the best strength, cardio and skills training methods and using them in my own training. But I found the process to be very time consuming and, to be honest, I didn’t see the results I expected, especially on the skills development side of things. 

Don’t get me wrong, I was certainly seeing good results and improving much faster than your average rider (doing something is almost always better than doing nothing). I was just still struggling in some areas like cornering and bunny hopping that I felt like I should be better at given the time and effort put into them. 

What’s more, I wasn’t sure I really understood how to do them and felt like I was trying to “act out” good technique rather than really letting it “flow”. 

After a couple years of this I was seeing good progress – I could definitely jump off a curb now – but I was also struggling to keep up with the separate cardio, strength and skills training sessions.  

Not to mention the fact that I needed to actually ride my bike!  

But that is when it happened…I found out the “secret” to taking my skills and fitness to new levels in just a fraction of the time. Well, it isn’t really a secret so much as a well-known method in most sports that isn’t as well known in ours. 

Once I realized that this method was the missing element in my training things really took off for both myself and the riders I was working with. All of a sudden I was getting insane feedback about how quickly people were seeing improvements on the trail and how they were able to overcome longtime problem areas with their riding. 

So what is this “secret” method that can make the difference between you staying frustrated with your current skills and fitness and being thrilled with the progress you’re making?  

Well, to find out you’re going to have to check out my next email. I want to make sure I have the time to explain it and I know you’re busy so I don’t want to keep you any longer right now. 

Just know that there is a better way to improve your skills and fitness and tomorrow I’ll share the simple 3 step system I use every time to my clients quickly improve where it matters the most…on the trail! 

Until next time… 

Ride Strong, 

James Wilson 

MTB Strength Training Systems 

p.s. In case you are wondering, I only crashed off of one curb and luckily I wasn’t hurt. Not like the time I didn’t see that rail across the end of the access ramp I was charging up and slammed into at full speed. I flung myself over the handlebars and took a bar end to the chest, which really hurt.  

That was the end of bar ends for me. And blindly charging around town on my way to work (I seemed to show up hurt a lot for some reason). 

Anyways, keep an eye out for my next email where I’ll share the secret that helped me stop crashing so much… 

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