I’ll admit that I didn’t really think much of kettlebells when I first saw them.

Maybe it was the over-the-top advertising (they made it sound like just touching a kettlebell would give you superhuman powers). Or maybe it was because they looked different than the dumbbells and barbells I had been using for over 10 years (anything I hadn’t heard of yet couldn’t be that good).

Whatever it was, I spent a year or two hearing about the kettlebell and seeing them in ads but never paying them much mind. Of course, this was back in 2005 and kettlebell training was still unknown to most of the strength and conditioning world.


But then I started to see that more and more of the coaches I looked to for information where using kettlebells in their programs. I heard more and more about these things called Swings and Turkish Get Ups and started to wonder if I was missing something.

So I got myself a kettlebell and decided to give it a shot. And from the very first workout I knew I had discovered a training tool that was going to change everything. Since then I’ve used kettlebells more than any other training tool, both in my own training and in my client’s programs as well.

Kettlebell training is perfect for mountain biking because it allows us to work on the movements and types of strength and endurance we need on the trail in a simple, compact package. We don’t have a lot of time and energy to spend on our workouts and so we need a tool that lets us get maximum results with minimal time and effort.

And that’s why I came out with the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program back in 2011 – I saw a need for a program that combined the unique benefits of kettlebells with the mountain bike specific training philosophies of MTB Strength Training Systems. I’m proud to say that in that time it has become one of my most popular programs and a source of some of the best rider emails sharing how it has helped change their riding.

First, I want to say thanks to all of the riders who have invested in the program over the years for your support and faith in me. Helping you ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail is a responsibility I take very seriously and it is the main reason that I am always learning more and refining my craft.

And it is because I have learned some better methods and exercises that I am currently working on an all-new updated version of the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program.

It is scheduled to be released on Friday the 15th and I‘ll be having a special offer on the program when it is released that you’ll want to keep an eye out for. But in the meantime I wanted to kick things off with a special comment contest…

To enter the contest just post a comment below sharing how kettlebell training has helped your riding or why you think this program could help with your goals as a rider.

On Monday I’ll randomly be picking 5 winners who will get a free copy of the new MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program v3 when it is released on Friday.

I’ll also be picking 1 Grand Prize winner who will get a copy of every program I have plus a 30 minute Skype Video Coaching session.

This package is worth $288 and all you have to do to enter for a chance to win it is leave a comment sharing how kettlebell training has helped your riding and/ or why you think this program could help you with your goals as a rider.

I’ll be posting the winners on Friday and also announcing how you can get a discount on the new MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program v3 plus score some great bonuses as well. Good luck, time for me to get back to work so I can have this new program ready for Friday…

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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