Alright, time for another comment contest to mark the release of a new program from MTB Strength Training Systems. This one follows in the footsteps of my widely popular 30 Day Standing Pedaling Power & Endurance Solution and promises to change how your look at one of the hardest trail skills to master…Cornering.

The new 30 Day Cornering Solution will provide you with the blueprint you need to see a dramatic impact on your cornering ability in only 30 days. You’ll get a specialized mobility and strength program that addresses the real issue holding you back from cornering better – you lateral hip mobility.

Like I pointed out in my 5 Movement Tips to Help You Cornering Technique video, your ability to move your hips laterally is what drives your technique and without that you’ll always struggle to consistently corner with speed and balance. You’ll also get some skills drills to help you hone your technique as you improve your movement, delivering results like no other cornering program on the planet.

And I’m giving away a FREE copy of this new program to 5 lucky riders who take the time to leave a comment answering a simple question –

When did you realize that you couldn’t corner for crap and needed to get some help?

We don’t need an essay, just something Twitter-esque (did I just make up a word?) and to the point. I’ll even get things started…

I realized that I couldn’t corner for crap when I moved to Colorado and started riding with some serious DH racers. I had always prided myself on my ability to ride the Gnar and thought I could corner pretty good. However, seeing how these guys could carry speed through corners both on DH and regular trails made me realize that I really couldn’t corner at all. That really motivated me to step up that part of my game and start looking for some help.

On Monday I’ll randomly pick 5 winners and announce them on my blog along with news on a special deal on the new 30 Day Cornering Solution. I’m looking forward to reading these stories, it should be interesting…

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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