When I released the DB Combos program a couple of years ago I did not realize that it would gain the popularity and “cult status” that it did. Everywhere I go I get a lot of riders commenting on how much they love the workouts and how much it has helped their riding. However, as good as the original program was, there is always room for improvement.

So, after getting a lot of feedback from riders who have used the program and drawing on my own expanded experience I decided to come out with an updated version of the program. This new version will blow the old one out of the water and now includes:

– More core training: One of the biggest “complaints” I did get was about the lack of direct core training. This was a flaw and something that has been addressed through the addition of 2 great core training exercises.

– Better strength training exercises: As much as I loved the 2 exercises featured in the original program they are pretty advanced movements. I realized that people were spending more time and effort trying to figure them out then simply getting stronger. I’ve revamped the strength training portion by selecting exercises that are still challenging but have a much shorter learning curve so you spend more time simply getting stronger.

– All new combo drills: The combo drills are the heart of the program and this new version has 2 great new ones to increase you cardio like nothing else. I have even included some options to help you customize one of the combo drills to match your strength levels. These are a big improvement over the old ones.

– Expanded warm up/ mobility drills: I have also shot a new warm up video that covers the newest drills I am using in my facility. This includes a jump rope drill, foam rolling, static stretching, dynamic mobility and activation exercises. In fact, this is the only program this new drill is going to be currently available with and, in my opinion, is worth the price of the program itself.

I am wrapping up the manual and video editing this week and hope to have everything in line to release it next week. All of my former customers will get an email from me on Monday with an offer to get in on a 48 hour pre-sale at a ridiculous price so if you have the current DB Combos program or my Ultimate MTB Workout program keep an eye out for that. I’ll also be offering a pre-sale to my newsletter subscribers next Wednesday, although not as ridiculous as what my former customers will get.

I also wanted to let you know that once I release the new version I will be taking the original off the market. If you have not gotten it yet now is the time – you’ll then be a customer and will get the super discount offer on the new version which means you’ll get 2 programs for less than the price of the new one (which will cost more than the original).

However, if you want to get entered into a drawing for a free copy of the new program then do me a favor. If you have used the original DB Combos program leave a comment below telling me how it has helped your riding. If you have not used it before but think a 45 minute workout that will increase your endurance, strength and power on the trail will be useful then let me know how you want it to help you.

I’ll be randomly picking 2 people to get a free copy of the new program and announce the winners on Monday of next week. Time to get back to editing the new manual…

-James Wilson-

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