Let me ask you a quick question – are you being as consistent with your training as you would like to be?

If you are like most riders the answer to that question is no. Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions it can be hard to overcome the two biggest hurdles facing riders wanting to improve their fitness and skill levels – time and motivation.

No matter how great the workout program is, if you can’t find time to implement everything or the motivation to stick with it then its worthless. This problem led me to create a new way to deliver a training program to you that utilizes the lessons I had learned from working with clients in my facility who suffered from the same problems.

The goal of this program was to deliver a workout program solution for the rider who simply is too short on time to even go through a program manual, much less put everything in it together.

Appropriately called the Time Crunched Trail Rider Solution, this program uses follow-along workouts, nutrition tips, skills drills and mental prep tactics to turn you into a dramatically improved rider while doing it in an easy to follow and use format.

Instead of being overwhelmed with a lot of info at once you’ll be walked through the process one step at a time, making it easy to avoid the time and motivation pitfall.

And while the original Time Crunched Trail Rider has already helped hundreds of riders it had one “flaw”…it works best with a kettlebell. And as much as I love using kettlebells, I also know that not everyone has access to them, which keeps some riders from being able to benefit from this program.

But almost everyone has access to dumbbells…

After I realized my mistake I decided to create a new Dumbbell Version of the Time Crunched Trail Rider Solution. I’ve just finished putting it together and it is ready to be released on Monday.

But first I wanted to give you the chance to win a FREE copy of the new program by entering a comment contest.

To enter the contest just post a comment on this blog post sharing what your favorite trail is and how improving your fitness and skills would help you have more fun on it.

On Monday the I’ll be randomly picking 3 entries to win a free copy of the new Dumbbell Version of the Time Crunched Trail Rider Program, plus…

I’ll also be picking 1 Grand Prize winner who will get a copy of every program I have plus a 1 year membership to my Personal Coaching Website. This package is worth over $400 and all you have to do to enter for a chance to win it is leave a comment sharing how you think a program like this would help your training and/ or why you think this program could help you with your goals as a rider.

I’ll be posting the winners on Monday and also announcing details on the new Dumbbell Version of the Time Crunched Trail Rider Solution and, in case you don’t win, how you can get your copy for a big discount.

Good luck, time for me to get back to work so I can have this new program ready for everyone on Monday…

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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