I’m a bit late getting this posted today, I’ve been swamped trying to get things ready to launch the Catalyst Pedal this week. I was also a bit overwhelmed at the response to the survey I sent out on Friday. With almost 1100 people responding to help me finalize the design and colors of the Catalyst Pedal, it was amazing to see that many riders give me their opinion.

I first want to say thanks to everyone who took the time to vote, it is really cool how I can involve you guys in this process. This pedal is something I have put a lot of time and money into for one reason – I really believe in how much it will help a lot of riders improve their performance and have more fun.

Now, as promised, I randomly selected 3 winners to get a free pair of Catalyst Pedals when they are available. Congratulations to the following riders, we’ll be sending you an email with info on how to claim for free pair of pedals…

– Milan

– Chris

– Mark Waudby

BTW, do you want to know what the best part about this new pedal is?

It isn’t just based on what I think. It also has some pretty cool science behind it as well. In fact, it actually has more science behind it that any other pair of pedals on the market…or most bike parts in general for that matter.

This is what will make the Catalyst Pedal different than any other pair of pedals you can get – I based the design on science, not theories and marketing hype. The result is a pedal that works with your body’s natural ways of moving instead of trying to impose old, outdated views of the pedal stroke on you.

Now, I also know that this may be a bit tough to believe. I mean, how can some random guy on the internet know more about the pedal stroke than the big pedal manufacturers? Surely if this pedal design was better then someone else would have come up with it.

And to be honest I’d have to agree with you. I have no clue why I am the guy to put all of the pieces together…I’d much rather just be able to buy these pedals because someone else realized all of this a long time ago.

But for some reason that isn’t the case. Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up as a cyclist and so I have a different perspective on things but the science and logic behind this design are there. And once you understand it you’ll never look at pedaling your bike the same way again.

So what I’d like to do is share this info with you in a webinar I’ll be holding on Wednesday at 10 am MT. In it I’ll cover the 4 studies that provide the basis for this design and the “weight room logic” that applies to it as well.

Click here to register for this webinar and learn more about how the Catalyst Pedals can help you improve your power, stability and comfort.

In short, I’ll explain exactly how this new design will help you pedal with more power than any other flat pedal and more stability and comfort than any pedal, clipless or flats. I’ll also be able to field any questions that you might have and I plan on covering a lot of the most common questions I have been getting as well.

At the end of the webinar I plan on making the Catalyst Pedal available for pre-sale. I need to place my first order – I have VP Pedals making them for me – and this means that I need to “kickstart” my business with some cash to do that.

Which is why I’ll be having a special pre-sale price that I’ll never offer again. Since you’ll be helping me get the cash I need to place my first order and take Pedaling Innovations to the next level I’ll be offering you a big discount on the pedals, plus a couple of free bonuses from the BikeJames program vault.

But this special pre-sale price will only be available for a few days so register for the webinar and I’ll be in touch with more info on Wednesday.

Click here to register for this webinar and learn more about how the Catalyst Pedals can help you improve your power, stability and comfort.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

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