All I can say is “wow”…I was pretty speechless at the response I got to my comment contest I held over the weekend. With well over 100 responses, it was not only my most popular contest ever but it had some of the best stories I’ve ever read.

I really had no idea I was making such an impact on so many lives. I mean, I know it on some level because I get feedback and emails each week from riders sharing their stories but some of the stories I read over the weekend really blew me away.

I mean, I had people who had used one of my programs or some of the info I publish for free on my blog to come back from back surgery, total hip replacements and personal tragedies as well as rediscover their love for mountain biking. These things went waaaay beyond just the results they saw on the trail and really meant a lot to me.

Of course, there were a ton of great stories about how my programs had helped people ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail but knowing that the impact I’m having goes beyond that really brought things into perspective for me.

So, while I said I was going to pick 5 winners I had to include a few more. I ended up randomly picking 10 people to win a free copy of the new Ultimate MTB Workout Program v5 Release Bundle ($200+ value), I posted them below…

 Laura M. Hann

Andy Nelson

 Jenai Robinson


Jenn C.


Alan Shelton




Congratulations to the winners, just send an email to and we’ll get you hooked up. In the meantime, if you didn’t win then you should  check out the special bundle I put together for the release of the new Ultimate MTB Workout Program v5.

Since I last updated the Ultimate MTB Workout Program I’ve learned a lot, especially about how to best integrate all of the information and tools you can –and should – use to improve your speed, endurance and confidence on the trail.

Plus, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to create different versions for each of the main riding disciplines.

This newest version not only contains newly updated mountain bike specific strength, mobility, nutrition and mindset information but there are now Enduro Racing-Trail Riding, XC Racing and DH Racing versions.

Each discipline specific version comes with its own Energy Systems Development/ Cardio Workouts and Weekly Training Plans geared towards the specific demands of that discipline. These compliment the rest of the program to put a “race specific” edge on your fitness.

Oh, and for those of you who don’t race and just like to trail ride you can simply skip the extra race specific cardio workouts. The strength, mobility, skills, mindset and nutrition info will help you show up strong at any trailhead and be ready for whatever gets thrown at you.

Plus, this week I’ll be offering a Special Release Bundle.

While each version will be sold separately, when you purchase the new Ultimate MTB Workout Program v5 this week you’ll get a bundle with all 3 race-specific versions. I don’t want to make you choose which version you want plus I want to make sure that you are set up no matter what the future holds. You may find yourself wanting to train for something different next season and with all 3 of these programs you’ll be ready.

And to make it even better I’m also going to include my In-Season Endurance and In-Season Power Training Blocks. With these workouts you’ll be able to maintain – or even increase – your strength and fitness without excessive wear and tear on the body that can leave you too sore and tired to train. Again, these In-Season Training Blocks are not part of the new UMWP v5 and are only available as part of this special upgrade package.

But this Special Release Bundle is only available this week the price on this package goes up to $207 so don’t wait.

If you’re ready to get started with the best mountain bike training solution click here to get your copy of the new Ultimate MTB Workout Program v5.

Thanks again for the great stories and I hope this new version of the Ultimate MTB Workout Program delivers even better results for everyone. Let me know if you have any questions about this special offer, until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

p.s. I know that some of you will want a bit more info about what you’ll find in this new version before you feel ready to make a decision. You can find out everything you need to know by clicking on the link below…

Click here to learn more about what you’ll find in the new UMWP v5 and how it can help you ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail.


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