Let’s face it – figuring out how to improve as a mountain biker can be a tough process.

This is the most complete mountain bike training website in the world and nothing else can even come close. No where else will everything you need as a rider.

Sure, we’ve all experienced the rapid improvements that come when we first start riding and it seemed like every time we hit the trail we can ride a little further and faster.

However, most of us have also experienced the frustration that comes with seeing that progress slow to stop. Eventually we end up riding the same way year after year, never really seeing much improvement from one riding season to the next.

And while this may be fine for some, for others this is a sure sign that it is time to get a little more serious about our riding.

I know this because I went through it myself. After I hit my first plateau I did all the usual things…

– I bought a new bike. This helped at first but I was soon back in the same boat of not knowing how to progress things even further and I certainly didn’t want to just keep throwing money at new parts.

– I bought The Mountain Bike Training Bible and tried to follow a program out of it. While I found the cardio training sections to be pretty good it wasn’t practical for someone with a job and family, it had horrible strength training info, little practical nutrition advice and no skills training advice. In other words, it was a thinly veiled road riding program in disguise.

– I looked around on the internet for integrated training programs and advice, of which there was very little. Even the famous Training Peaks website is sorely lacking, giving you way too many cardio programs (each of which you have to pay for separately) and little in the way of cutting edge strength, nutrition and skills training advice. Sorry to tell you this but buying an overpriced PDF with a simple “ride this long at this intensity” workout program won’t cut it where things count the most – on the trail!

Finding this complete lack of an integrated approach to training for our unique sport was very frustrating. You see, being a great trail rider requires 4 things…

– Cardio: This one if pretty obvious although it is over emphasized in most program because the coaches writing the programs don’t understand the other 3 aspects.

– Strength: The stronger you are the easier it is to turn over a hard gear, handle trail impacts, muscle your bike around the trail and resist injuries when you wreck.

– Nutrition: All the training in the world won’t help if you eat like crap…however, nutrition doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

– Skills: Recognizing the need for technical skills on the trail is the hallmark of a real mountain bike training program but rarely included in most programs. So what does that make them?

And just like a 4 legged table, if one or more of those “legs” is missing or lacking then your overall mountain bike skills and fitness will be shaky. This means that you need a program that incorporates everything you need on the trail.

And while I think I’ve done a pretty good job of bringing cutting edge training plans for our unique sport to riders around the world I’ve always known that I could take things one step further.

Namely, by creating a virtual training facility that gives you all the tools you need to become the rider you’ve always dreamed of in one place.

You see, at my training facility I’ve always had a very systematic approach to helping you improve as a rider. My training plans have been shaped over years of both working with real riders every day and also from my continued pursuit of learning the best training strategies.

And now I’ve found a way to allow riders from around the world access to the same cardio, strength, skills and nutrition tools I make available to my private coaching clients at a fraction of the cost.

This is the most complete mountain bike training website in the world and nothing else can even come close. No where else will you find all this stuff…

Forum – This is where you will find unique personal support unlike any other mountain bike training website in the world. Through the forum you can not only get help from me tailoring your workouts to your individual needs but you can also post videos of your workout and riding technique to get feedback. It is like having me as your personal coach helping you every step of the way and making sure that you exactly what to do to help you achieve you’re riding goals.

Warm Up Drills – Every good workout starts with a good warm up. By using these 21st century mobility strategies you will prepare your body to work with more efficiency. This results in better performance and less wear and tear on the joints, leading to fewer overuse injuries.

Annual Training Plans – The heart of your program lies here. You will find links to the different Annual Training Plans that I have created to give you a clear path for both Off-Season and In-Season training. You’ll also have access to Weekly Training Plans that show you exactly how to combine riding and training to see the best results.

ESD Workouts – These specialized Energy Systems Demands Workouts go waaaay beyond simple cardio training. These programs reflect the most current understanding of how the body works together to produce the specific types of energy you need to go faster and endure longer on the trail. When combined with the cardio workouts in your Annual Training Plan workouts you have the most advanced mountain bike strength and conditioning workout in the world.

Nutrition – If you really want to see the best results from all your training efforts then you need to make sure that you are fueling yourself properly. Luckily for us this doesn’t have to be an overly complicated process. With the info you’ll find here you’ll know how to easily make smart nutrition decisions to ensure you’re getting the most out of your training and able to perform your best when it count the most.

Skills Training – All the fitness in the world is great but if you don’t have the skills to easily apply it to the trail you’ll work harder than you have to, not to mention looking like a spaz in the process. If you want to be – and look – smooth and effortless on the trail then you have to practice your skills. Here you’ll find the resources to help you dial in your technical skills so you can ride with more confidence on the trail.

Bonuses – I’ve posted a lot of great stuff to this site over the years and I’ll continue to post new workouts and other things I think you’ll find valuable. Here you’ll find links to all the bonus stuff you get access to as a member of the site, including an Exercise Demos library, a Recovery Tracking Spreadsheet, Coaching Tips and much more. Plus, I’ll be adding to this area of the site as I create more great stuff for the site.

Newest Posts –We try to keep you motivated and up to date on the latest stuff throughout the week so check back often!

And while access to this ride-changing website is a steal at only $27/mo I want to give you the chance to check it all out for only $1!

You’ll get complete access to the entire site…every workout, skills training video and other resources…for 2 whole weeks for only $1.

I’m making you this offer because I know that once you see all of the amazing content that is already there – as well as the new content being posted each week – you’ll know that you’ve found the only mountain bike training resource you’ll ever need.

Imagine never needing to come up with another workout…never wondering how to improve your skills and fitness…never feeling lost or alone as you persue your goals as a rider.

With the MTB Strength Training Systems Coaching Members website you’ll have me helping you every step of the way, providing the right workouts and advice at the right time to keep you on track.

Don’t go into this off-season alone.

For only $1 you can check out the best mountain bike training website in the world and join the hundreds of riders who have already benefited from the power of this uniquely integrated approach to riding faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail.

Click here to learn more about how the new MTB Strength Training Systems Coaching Members website can help you have the best off-season ever and go into next riding season ready to rock!

Hope to see you on the site and talk to you in the forum. Until then…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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