This morning I had an good talk with a couple of clients who had been training with me for about 3 months. Like a lot of people they had seen some great results at first but had not seen as much in the last few weeks. Their excitement at seeing how they would progress every day had been replaced by a sort of complacency as they went through their workouts.

After looking over their training logs I saw that they had stopped being diligent about filling them in. When I asked how their diet was going they admitted that they had not been doing so well. When I asked if they were doing their extra cardio they had been assigned they admitted that they had not.

After getting me to have them voice these things out loud they started to feel a little foolish about complaining about a lack of results. It was pretty apparent that they had started to slack off and were not being as dedicated as they were in the beginning. No wonder they were not seeing the same results.

You have to remember that you only get out of a program what you put into it. No one can do it for you and sometimes you have to buckle down and do things that you might not “want” to do. You also have to challenge yourself each time you train and not simply repeat the same weights and reps each workout for 4 weeks.

Don’t be like the drones at the gym who just go in, do the same workout every time and then complain that exercise doesn’t work for you. I have a term I use to describe it – Scare the normals!

I love going into a commercial gym and having everyone trip out on the Turkish Get Up. I love it when people ask me why I train so hard and if I’m scared I might hurt myself. To them anything that looks awkward and tough should be avoided, not embraced.

Remember that you get out of training – and life – what you put into it.

-James Wilson0

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