Distance Coaching

For a long time the only way for me to personally work with a rider was to have them come to my facility in Fruita, CO, which severely limited the number of riders I would work with.

But now through my exclusive Distance Coaching Program I’ve developed some very effective ways of working with riders through email, Skype and video, which gives more riders the chance to work directly with me.

With a personally designed program and access to me to have all your questions answered you’ll go into every ride and workout confident and with nothing to worry about but getting down to business. You’ll no longer worry about what the best thing for you to do to improve your riding is.

You’ll also see the fastest results possible since everything will be tailored for your goals.

Before you know it you’ll be riding through trail sections you’ve never ridden before and/ or hitting those tough sections with more speed and confidence than ever.

Now all of that may sound like a bold claim but it is one I can make because I have been producing results like this for my clients since 2005. As the creator of MTB Strength Training Systems I literally brought 21st century strength and conditioning to the mountain biking world and I’ve been in practically every mountain bike magazine and website that matters.

I’ve personally worked with hundreds of riders around the world, helping them achieve goals ranging from just getting into better shape so they can enjoy their weekend rides more to standing on the podium at a World Cup event.

I tell you this not to impress you but to impress upon you that I know what I’m doing. No matter what your goals are, odds are that over the last 10+ years I’ve helped someone with a similar situation and I can help you too.

I created this Distance Coaching option to allow me to make my high end coaching services available to anyone who is serious about their training program. When you join my exclusive Distance Coaching Program you will…

  • Take all the guesswork out of how to maximize your training and riding time.
  • Know what skills to be working on to speed your overall skill development.
  • Know how to make the most out of the training time that you have available.
  • Have me keeping you accountable to yourself and your training program.

Based on all of that I will put together a detailed 12 week training program that covers everything you need to see the fastest results possible. Your customized 12 week program will including:

  • Strength  Workouts based on your unique goals, limitations/ injuries, time and equipment available
  • Cardio Training based on the Energy Systems Development you need to fuel your strength and power
  • Skills Development Plan designed to help you dial in your trail skills and learn new ones
  • Mobility Drills that target your tightest areas to help you move with more efficiency on and off the bike
  • Weekly Training Plan so you know what to do on what days

After you receive your 12 week program we’ll set up another Skype/ phone call to go over it and answer any questions you may have. You will also get direct email access to me during the 12 weeks so I can personally answer any and questions that come up. Private Coaching clients get top priority from me and I usually respond to their questions within 24 hours.

At the end of your 12 week training program we’ll check in and see if we want to do another one…there is no long term commitments or hidden contracts. If you do want to work together on another 12 week training program we’ll just repeat the process.

Best of all, the cost for this level of personalized coaching is just $199 for the first month and then just $99 a month for the rest of the 12 week program.

This makes high level, truly personalized coaching a reality for any rider who is serious about getting the absolute most out of their training program.

However, because my time and energy are limited I have to strictly limit these new Private Coaching roster spots.

Because of that, I ask that you fill in the form below or email me at james@bikejames.com to check availability. I want to make sure I am able to deliver the best experience – and results – possible and I don’t want to take on more riders than I can do that for.

This Private Coaching Program is not for every rider but for the rider who wants the best program possible to help them ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail it is the perfect solution.

Fill out the form below or email me at james@bikejames.com to take the first step to towards the personalized program that will change your riding forever.

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