Attention: Riders suffering from nagging aches and pains brought on by poor mobility in the ankles, knees, hips, low back and/ or shoulders.

Discover the simple 15 minute Follow-Along routines that will instantly improve your mobility, letting you perform at a higher level with less pain.

Just click play on these follow-along videos as I show you how to go beyond stretching to unlock your stiff joints and find a new way to move on your bike.

If you’re like me or the hundreds of riders I’ve worked with then you’ve no doubt noticed an interesting problem – the more you ride the stiffer you get. And for a lot of riders that stiffness starts to spiral out of control and leads to pain and a loss of performance.

I know this problem all too well because I fell into the same trap. I figured that the more I rode the better I would be. I thought I’d eventually get used to the wear and tear on my joints and they’d stop feeling so stiff and sore.

But as time went on I realized that not only was the stiffness not getting better but it was actually getting worse. My shoulders and hips were stiff and it was really starting to affect me both on and off the bike.

On the bike it was getting harder to get into and stay in the most balanced positions. My quads and low back would cramp up on me during long rides and sometimes I would bail on a ride the next day because they were still sore.

Off the bike I was having trouble doing simple things like touching my toes and being able to scratch my own back. Despite being “fit” I was starting to feel a little trapped inside my own body.

To combat this I started doing more stretching and while that helped some it seemed like I wasn’t really getting the return on my time investment. Plus some muscles like my hamstrings seemed to almost get tighter the more I stretched them.

Around this time I was lucky enough to get exposed to some really smart guys in the fitness field who opened my eyes to what it really takes to improve your mobility. What I learned was that there is a lot more to improving your mobility than just stretching.

This means that if you’ve struggled with this problem then it isn’t your fault, you just haven’t been given the tools you need to crack the mobility code. But that is about to change…

You see, to improve your mobility you have address 3 things:

  • Feel better – When you improve your mobility it is just easier to move. You won’t get as sore from a hard ride or training session. You can push harder without suffering overuse injuries. You won’t feel like a victim of a “bad” back, knee or shoulder.
  • Perform better – When you improve your mobility you improve your ability to efficiently transfer strength and power into the pedals and bike. You’ll be able to use your body more efficiently which will result in increased speed and overall endurance. In short, you’ll be able to ride faster with less effort, using less “gas” in the process so you have more for later in the ride/ race.
  • Ride better – On the trail one thing matters more than anything else and that is balance. If you don’t have balance you may as well stay home. The key to balance on the trail is being able to move your center of gravity – a.k.a. your hips – around the bike, but thus can’t happen if your hips and shoulders are jammed up and tight.

Included in the MTB Mobility Follow-Along Videos you’ll get a routine that targets the Low Back/ Hips, one that targets the Shoulders/ Neck and one that targets the Ankles/ Knees. These routines will literally change how you move so you stop putting unnecessary – and damaging – stress on your joints.

In addition to the 3 routines that target problem areas you’ll also get 3 progressive warm up routines for you to use before a workout. These 15 minute routines go way beyond a simple “warm up” and help you improve how you move before you train so you can get more out of your workouts and avoid injuries in the process.

Plus, as a bonus I’m also going to include 3 follow-along yoga routines from mountain bike star and expert yoga instructor Ryan Leech. Ryan is well known for both his mind blowing riding talent and his ability to create yoga routines that focus on the things we need as riders. With these 3 routines you’ll have a variety of routines, from 20 minute post-ride recharges to 60 minute full body routines.

Altogether you’ll get 9 follow-along routines that are guaranteed to change how you move both on and off the bike. You’ll improve your performance and decrease your aches and pains along the way…not bad for $49.

That’s right, you can get access to all 9 videos for only $49. While I know I could easily charge much more I think that every rider should have these routines as a part of their training program and I don’t want price to be an issue.

Plus you get my unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – I want to help you out, not just take your money and if you’re not happy with these videos for any reason just let me know and I’ll refund your investment.


Learn how to use smart mobility training to make real changes to how you move both on and off the bike. You’ll increase your power, improve your endurance and decrease the wear and tear on your joints in as little as 15 minutes.

Just be clear on everything you are getting with the MTB Mobility Follow-Along Videos:

  • Three 15 minute follow-along workout videos that target different problem areas like the Neck/ Shoulders, Hips/ Low Back and Ankles/ Knees.
  • Three progressive 15 minute follow-along pre-workout routines.
  • Three follow-along yoga videos including a 20 minute, 30 minute and 60 minute routine.
  • The MTB Strength Training Systems Stretching Manual

These videos are immediately available to you online so you can watch them streaming or download them to your computer, smart phone or Ipad/ tablet. You’ll have everything you need to see huge improvements in how you move and perform on you bike.

Don’t waste another day being trapped inside your own body – take control of how you move, feel and ride today. Just click on the Order Now below to get immediate access to the MTB Mobility Follow-Along Videos for only $49.

Ride Strong,

MTB Strength Training Systems

James Wilson

P.S. I know that “mobility” isn’t as exciting as cardio and power training but it is the basis for everything you do. If it is compromised then you’ll struggle to breathe and move as efficiently as you could. It is like trying to drive with your parking brake on – sure you can push past it but you have to work harder and you increase the wear and tear if you do.

With these 9 follow-along routines all you need to do is press play and let me (and Ryan) lead you through the mobility routines that can ensure you’re not making things harder on yourself by trying to force your body to push through bad mobility. You won’t wake up tomorrow and suddenly feel more mobile – in fact, you’re likely to feel less mobile – so click on the Order Now button below and stop the downward spiral into pain and stiffness.

NOTE: The MTB Mobility Follow-Along Videos is a downloadable exercise routine manual. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the exercise routine manual and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The exercise routine manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.