Attention: Find out how to fix low back pain on your bike without expensive upgrades or bike fits that don’t fix the real cause of your low back pain.

Discover the simple 3 Step Formula that will reduce low back pain both on and off the bike so that you can ride as long and fast as you want while doing it all pain free.

Instantly improve your hip mobility and core strength with the only program designed to target the real causes of low back pain on the trail…too much seated pedaling!

In only 30 days you’ll completely change your hip mobility, trail specific core strength and ability to stand up more, letting you ride with less pain and have more fun on the trail.

Over the last decade or so of working with mountain bikers at every level I have heard one question more than any other one – how do I get rid of my low back pain from riding? Low back pain is at an epidemic level on the trails and it is robbing a lot of riders of time and fun on their bikes.

Unfortunately most mountain bikers are going to have to deal with Low Back Pain at some point. I know this both because I’ve personally worked with hundreds of riders who had it and, being a rider myself, I’ve dealt with it too.

In fact, it was my own journey into dealing with low back pain that led me to being able to help so many riders with their own low back pain.

Like every new rider bitten by the mountain biking bug I rode every chance I got for the first few years. Getting 4-5 days a week on the trail was the norm as I logged countless hours in an effort to improve and have as much fun as possible on the trail.

And while this certainly helped at first I started to feel a lot more stiffness after long rides, sometimes resulting in low back soreness. At first it wasn’t too big of a deal as it wasn’t really affecting my riding yet. But that didn’t last long either.

Eventually I started having low back cramps on the trail during long rides and I even had to pass on a few rides since I my low back was still too stiff and sore from riding. Now I knew something had to change…I wasn’t going to suffer on the trail and miss rides because of my stupid lower back.

Over the years I researched and tried a lot of different methods and programs, most of them with  lot of fancy looking exercises for my “core”. And while I certainly saw some progress (hey, something is better than nothing) I still had issues with low back pain from time to time.

It was very apparent to me that I was missing something in my basic strategy. I was doing my stretches and mobility work, I was working my core with all sorts of great exercises and yet I was still feeling vulnerable to some random low back pain caused by who-knows-what. It seemed to me that my low back should be a bit more bullet-proof than it was.

And that was when I stumbled on the missing ingredient that brought it all together for me.

Like most riders I was in the habit of sitting down to pedal as much as possible and only standing up when I needed to. Because of this I relied a lot on my “granny gear” and spent most climbs hunched over the bike spinning my feet as fast as possible. I was told this was the best way to climb and I followed this advice for years.

But one year I was forced to ride my 36 pound beast of a Freeride bike around as my trail bike. I had sold my trail bike and planned on getting a new one but in the meantime I wasn’t going to stop riding.

At first it was tough dealing with no “granny gear” and a heavy bike but eventually I stopped trying to sit and spin and just stood up and hammered the pedals. That was the only way I was going to get to the top of climbs on that bike and eventually I got the hang of it and it wasn’t so bad.

Being the natural procrastinator that I am I held off on getting a new trail bike and just kept riding my Freeride bike. Along with discovering that standing pedaling wasn’t nearly as hard as everyone made it out to be I also found something very strange…

My low back was actually feeling much better.

At first this made no sense – obviously standing up is harder on your low back, right?

But as I started to look at things more closely I realized that it was actually seated pedaling that was harder on the lower back and at the root of my low back problems.

You see, the human body isn’t made to sit down and flail its legs. We are bipedal creatures who are made to stand up and move and when we sit down all sorts of things go wrong.

First, your core works differently when you sit down… and not in a good way. The same muscles that are designed to protect your lower back don’t function properly when you are sitting down and letting the seat support your weight.

Second, you are bent over in the Adult Fetal Position. While you have to sit down while riding your bike – no one can stand up forever – there is no getting around that being bent over like that is bad position for your body. And no, a bike fit doesn’t fix this issue. It may help you polish that turd up but seated pedaling is still a turd from a functional movement point of view.

When you stand up your core engages properly and you can get a tall, straight spine. This puts the low back in a better position and makes it easier for the core muscles to protect it better than the most expensive bike fit on earth.

I also realized that even when you are sitting down, if you have good hip mobility and core strength you can still take a lot of stress off the lower back by leaning over at the hips and not the lower back. This means that you need to be able to lean forward from the hips and not the low back to take as much stress off the low back as possible when you do sit down.

So, working backwards I realized that the key to getting rid of low back pain from mountain biking was to improve my hip mobility and core strength and then apply that to the bike by standing up more to pedal and using better posture when I was seated.

Taken together I devised my 3 Step Solution….

  • Experience less low back pain both on and off the trail. You’ll finally be able to enjoy your rides from start to finish and not have to worry about how sore your low back is going to be the next day.
  • Move with more efficiency on the bike. The same movement that causes low back pain also wastes a lot of energy as well. When you move more efficiently you place less wear and tear on the low back and improve your endurance since you use less energy to create the same amount of power.
  • Improve your pedaling power. Along with wasting energy the faulty movement patterns behind your low back pain are also robbing you of pedaling power. When you are able to keep your core engaged and use your hips more efficiently you will be able to create more power when you pedal.

Up until now the only way to get access to this 3 part strategy and the results it produced was to invest in the Ultimate MTB Workout Program or one of my other programs. In fact, even though I don’t advertise my programs as helping with low back pain I get a lot of feedback from riders about the effectiveness of this approach.

“I have been using your program for the past few months not only to help me to become a stronger rider but for rehab purposes as well. This last year I have been fighting my way out of a back injury after crashing in my helicopter during the war. It has helped me more than you can imagine.

After 3 months in I am feeling stronger, riding further and I am able to pick my 3 year old son up and carry him up the stairs. Your workouts have been a blessing.”
Scott Vogelpohl

And so I’ve finally put my basic 3 part strategy together into a simple 30 day program that any rider can afford to invest in. The new MTB 30 Day Low Back Pain Program combines my best low back specific hip mobility routine, strength training exercises and skills training into a single done-for-you solution.

In it you will find…

  • A follow-along warm up routine that targets the hips and low back. This routine shows you the specific foam rolling stretching and dynamic mobility exercises you need to open up your hips and help you take strain off of it by moving more efficiently.
  • A strength training workout combining the best exercises to re-set your core and movement patterns so you can move with less pain and more power on the bike. Focusing in improving your Squatting and Hip Hinge movement patterns, this routine will make sure that your core strength can hold up to any position you need to get into on the bike.
  • A 15 minute routine for you to use on the days you don’t do your regular workout. Doing a little bit of mobility and core training every day over the course of the program goes a long way and this simple 15 minute routine helps you make the best use of your time.
  • Specific skills training strategies to help you improve your standing pedaling. You’ll learn the different postures you’ll need to apply and how to use your hips to keep traction when you climb. Once you understand how to apply your natural posture and movement to standing pedaling you’re low back will thank you for it.

All this for only $49. Yeah, you read that right…only $49 for a program that can impact not only your riding but also your lifeLow back pain sucks and with the MTB 30 Day Low Back Pain Program you can get rid of it once and for all.


Plus you have my 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – if this program doesn’t help you then just let me know and I’ll refund your $49. If I don’t help you I don’t deserve to keep your money now do I?

I make this promise because I’ve already helped hundreds of riders improve and get rid of their low back pain and I know that I can help you too. So you really have nothing to lose but your low back pain.

Now, maybe I’m crazy for only charging $49. I know that I could charge a lot more but my goal is to help riders learn how to break the cycle of low back pain by addressing the real causes. The trail is simply more fun when your low back isn’t killing you and at the end of the day, helping riders have more fun is my ultimate goal.

So now it is time to decide – if you’ve read this far then odds are you have low back pain on some level and know that it won’t get better on its own.

So click on the Order Now button below, download your program materials and follow-along to the mobility drill you’ll find in it. You’ll be able to get started in less than 10 minutes and I promise that after that first mobility session you’re low back will actually feel better and you’ll know for sure that this is the program for you.

The choice is yours – in 30 days you can be riding faster and longer with less pain or you can be right where you are today, hoping that your low back pain doesn’t get any worse.

Don’t waste another ride trying to work through your low back pain. Click on the Order Now button to let me help you with a proven plan to fix the real causes of your low pain once and for all.

I hope to get the chance to work with you through the MTB 30 Day Low Back Pain Program, I’m sure that it can help you have less pain and more fun on the trail. And at the end of the day isn’t that what it is really all about?

Ride Strong,

MTB Strength Training Systems

James Wilson

P.S. I know that odds are this isn’t the first thing you’ve looked at to help with your low back pain. You’ve probably heard a lot of things about the causes of your low back pain and how to fix it. But the thing that most of those approaches are missing is the integrated approach used in the MTB 30 Day Low Back Pain Program.

Yes, you need to work on your hip mobility. Yes you need to work on your core strength. But if you don’t do in in the context of how you need to move on the bike – and then apply it to the bike – you will never be able to fix the real issues causing your low back pain.

Spend the next 30 days focusing on improving how you move both on and off the bike and I guarantee you’ll notice the difference. Get started today and in one month you’ll feel like a different rider. Click on the Order Now button and get started on the path to to feeling better in less than 15 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of low back pain is this program designed to address?

This program is not designed to replace medical care. If you have low back pain you should check with a medical professional first to make sure something isn’t damaged and requires medical attention.

What this program is designed to address is the back pain brought on by chronic bad posture and misuse of the low back. If you have been cleared to exercise but still have low back pain then this program is for you.

What equipment do I need for this program?

You only need a few dumbbells or kettlebells. I suggest men have some in the 20-40 pound range and women in the 10-30 pound range.

What if I can’t ride as far and as fast if I try to stand up more to pedal?

Seeing a dip in performance as you add something new isn’t uncommon and to be expected. The best embrace this dip and work with it, everyone else lets their ego get in the way and they revert back to what they know.

Like anything else, standing pedaling is a skill that you will have to learn. As you become more familiar with the balance points and how to more effectively use it you will get faster. As you get used to the position your endurance will improve.

NOTE: The MTB 30 Day Low Back Pain Program is a downloadable exercise routine manual. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the exercise routine manual and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The exercise routine manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.