All you need are a pair of adjustable dumbbells, a 5 X 5 foot space and less than 2 1/2 hours per week to see great results with this program.

The DB Conditioning 12 Week Program takes all the old excuses and throws them out the window!

This streamlined workout delivers unreal results…you’ll get more leg drive, more endurance and more power than you’ve ever experienced … guaranteed or I’ll refund your investment.

With the DB Conditioning Program you now have a choice. 12 weeks from now you will experience one of two things:

The MTB 12 Week DB Conditioning Program will guarantee you’ll experience the first scenario and never have to experience the second one again.


If you’re not happy with your current level of riding and confidence and if you’re serious about dramatically increasing your endurance and speed on the trail then this is the workout you’ve been looking for.

My name is James Wilson and I am the owner and head coach for MTB Strength Training Systems. I have helped thousands of riders around the world through online programs, articles and videos and I am known throughout the mountain biking industry through training columns for Decline Magazine and

Since 2005, MTB Strength Training Systems has been providing cutting edge training programs designed for the unique demands of mountain biking. I’ve trained 3 national champions and worked with Aaron Gwin for the first 3 years of his career, helping him win 2 National DH Championships and become the first American to podium at a World Cup DH race in many, many years. I’ve also worked with Yeti Cycles/ Fox Racing Shox team, giving me a unique perspective on what it takes to design a truly effective mountain bike specific program.

I don’t create programs for anything other than mountain biking – I don’t dabble in road riding, triathlons or general cycling. I just ride trails and obsess about how to create training programs that will help me do that -and only that – with more power, endurance and confidence.

Mountain biking is a completely different animal than other cycling disciplines and for too long it has been lumped in with them and treated like an afterthought…until I came along and refused to accept the status quo that said that we need to spend hours on a road bike to get better at the unique demands of riding on dirt and rocks.

However, even the best program is worthless if it takes too much time, is tough to figure out or requires too much equipment. I primarily created the DB Conditioning Program to address a common concern I heard from riders around the world – namely, a lack of time to put into a full blown workout plan. Most workout plans are created for general cycling (i.e. road riding) and require hours and hours each week to implement. Heck, even 3 hours a week to train is just not a reality for a lot of mountain bikers.

I also created this program to give real mountain bikers an easily accessible program created for the unique demands of trail riding. The DB Conditioning Program is easy to understand and to implement – it is the ultimate done-for-you solution for riders who don’t want to spend much time figuring out how to do a workout. You can literally be doing your first workout within 15 minutes of buying the program.

It also requires minimal equipment and space making it perfect for riders who train at home or travel a lot. All you need are a few dumbbells (15-30 pounds works for most riders) or a pair of adjustable dumbbells to get an amazing workout that will build your strength, power and endurance in less than 45 minutes.

Besides being designed by a mountain biker for riders who need a simple, easy to follow workout that doesn’t require much time or equipment the DB Conditioning Program is amazingly effective at delivering results because it takes two other things into account – High Tension Cardio and Metabolic Skills Training.

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What is High Tension Cardio and how can it help me ride with more power and endurance on the trail?

Have you ever wondered why do some efforts on the trail make us feel gassed even though we haven’t pedaled that much? For example, a day of downhill runs will wear you out, even though your total number of pedal cranks is relatively low. Or why does grinding up a slow, technical climb at a low RPM make your heart rate skyrocket after you get to the top and relax a bit? These efforts are very different from sitting and spinning out a long, smooth pedal and yet they still challenge our cardio and endurance.

One day after waiting for my heart stop trying to beat out of my chest after a short, technical grind up a steep hill I realized that there are two types of cardio that you need on the trail: High Tension and Rhythmic. Here is a quick rundown on the difference between these two very different types of cardio efforts:

– High Tension Cardio: These are efforts where you are creating a lot of tension in the core in order to create a strong platform. By locking down the core and creating that extra tension you stabilize the spine, increase the efficiency of the heart and give your legs and upper body the platform they need to create strong movement.

These efforts are also characterized by the fact that your heart rate doesn’t increase a lot during the effort but as soon as you “relax” some of that tension your heart rate takes off. Here is a quick rundown of the type of efforts supported by High Tension Cardio and if you find yourself wishing you were better at any or all of these things then High Tension Cardio is the what you need to focus on:

  • Standing Pedaling Efforts
  • Steep, Technical, Low RPM Climbs
  • Sprinting
  • Floating Through Rock Gardens
  • Technical Descents
  • Absorbing Trail Impacts
  • Standing Up & Pumping/ Flowing the Trail

– Rhythmic Cardio: This is your “sit and spin” cardio where you are able to sit down and spin at a higher cadence. Since the higher cadence means you need less muscular strength to turn the pedals over you don’t have to produce as much tension in your core. This type of cardio is used when you are sitting down and spinning a high RPM uninterrupted for minutes on end, like you when riding on the road to the trailhead or spinning up a long dirt road.

In fact, one of the biggest mistakes made in mountain bike training was not recognizing that road riding programs emphasize a different kind of cardio effort than what you need on the trail. Most of the things you do on the trail – or at least wish you could do – fall on the High Tension Cardio side of the list and so if you want to improve dramatically on the trail you need to focus on it.

How to Train High Tension Cardio

Based in this new understanding of cardio training we need to take a fresh look at our options and how they stack up between High Tension and Rhythmic Cardio. When designing the DB Conditioning Program I wanted to focus on the High Tension Cardio side of this continuum since that is where most riders need to improve upon. Over the last 7 years of training mountain bikers at the most elite levels I have found two things that improve this type of cardio better than anything else:

Strength Training: Most riders have never thought of strength training as “cardio training”. However, anyone who has done a heavy set of 3 reps on a front squat, a deadlift or a shoulder press can tell you that strength training can jack your heart rate through the roof. In fact, strength training is the foundation of High Tension Cardio – the stronger you are the more efficiently you can produce tension. Understanding the movement patterns you need on the trail and then using strength training to increase your ability to produce tension with those patterns is important if you want to maximize your overall trail endurance.

Combo Drills: Combo drills are when you combine 3-6 strength training movements into a routine where you once you start the first exercise you keep flowing through the sequence until you are done with the last exercise or time runs out. Combo drills are great because they crush your cardio with strength training movements, which forces the body to produce more tension and sustain it. This is the essence of High Tension Cardio – forcing your mind and body to get comfortable with producing and sustaining tension and then quickly recovering for the next effort.

Few programs venture as far as Combo Drills or emphasizing Strength Training, which means that they never really work on hard core High Tension Cardio. Don’t gloss over what I am saying here…this goes way beyond doing some intervals on your bike – you can not simply pedal your way to being a better rider. If you have no strength in the first place then you have nothing to build your High Tension Cardio on top of.

Since the trail requires us to produce tension in the core while using every muscle in our body then you can not just pedal you way to better endurance. This makes Strength Training and Combo Drills a must for any rider who is serious about improving.


What is Metabolic Skills Training and how can it help me ride with more confidence on the trail?

The second thing that makes my programs so effective is that I strategically use exercises to improve your skills. I call it Metabolic Skills Training and it is basically the art of using strength training exercises to improve your technical skills on the bike. By understanding how each exercise relates to the skills you need on the trail you can ensure that you are getting maximum transfer from the gym to the trail. As a mountain biker you can not just pound out mindless reps and hope that it will help you on the trail – you must understand the movement lessons behind the exercises.

Everything that you do on the trail can be broken down into a combination of these basic technical skills:

– Body Position: How well you can get into and maintain a strong, balanced position on the bike and apply it to both standing and seated positions. Everything stems from your body position on the bike and until you have it dialed you will struggle to apply all other skills on the bike as effectively as possible. In addition to being able to get into the right position on the bike Body Position also encompasses your ability to ride with either foot forward on the trail – most riders simply can not ride “switch stance” very effectively which limits their balance and control on the trail.

– Seated Pedaling: How well you can pedal from a seated position on the bike without relying on your lower back and handlebars to hold you in position.

– Standing Pedaling: How well you can pedal from a standing position. This is looked at by your body very differently than seated pedaling and the body position, posture and core/ leg strength you need for one does not translate well over to the other. In fact, one of the main reasons that most riders think that standing pedaling is “hard” is because they don’t have the core strength and leg drive

– Cornering: How well you can corner your bike while maintain speed, balance and control. Cornering is the “Holy Grail” of skills for most riders since it not only looks really cool when you can rip around a corner like you are on rails but it is also one of those areas that you can save a lot of energy – the more efficiently you can corner the less speed and momentum you waste, meaning that you don’t have to pedal as much to get back up to speed when you come out of the corner. This saves energy which can be used later in your ride.

– Manualing/ Bunny Hopping/ Jumping: These three skills all stem from the root skill of driving powerful movement on the bike from your hips and not your arms and/ or lower back. In essence this is the skill of being able to lift one or more wheels off the ground while maintain your body position and balance on the bike.

Each of the exercises chosen for DB Conditioning Program was picked because they represent an excellent way to work on a fundamental movement skill that supports a technical skill you need on the trail. In the manual I go over each exercise and explain why it was picked and how it applies to one of the basic technical skills you need on the trail. This helps you go beyond “strength training” and helps you turn your workouts into “skills training”, something no other training system in the world does.

When you combine High Tension Cardio training methods with Metabolic Skills Training you end up with a workout unlike any other – you develop everything you need to become a better rider in one compact workout. This is why the DB Conditioning Program has consistently delivered ride-changing results for hundreds of riders around the world and why it will work for you – guaranteed!

If you lived in Grand Junction and came to train at my facility it would cost you $175 per workout to train with me, and it would cost you $50-$100+ to go through a single workout with a regular personal trainer, and that doesn’t even include the cost of a 12 week training program. But the 12 week DB Conditioning Program will give you proven mountain bike specific workouts designed for busy riders, all for less than the cost of a single training session.

With your MTB DB Conditioning Program package you’ll get…

  • The MTB DB ConditioningProgram Manual: This manual contains 12 weeks worth of progressive workouts designed to help you improve your speed, endurance and confidence on the trail in record time. These workouts combine the proven MTB Strength Training System and dumbbells into the fastest, most convenient way to improve you riding. It has everything you need from training logs to demonstrations of every exercise in the program. (Retail Value = $97)
  • The MTB DB Conditioning Video Demos: In these video demos I walk you through each workout, going over exactly how to perform each exercise. I show you how each exercise should look, tell you where you should feel them working plus go over common mistakes and how to fix them. I also reinforce the Metabolic Skills Training lessons of each exercise, explaining how they relate to specific skills we need on the bike. This helps you focus on those skills while training so you can ensure that the fitness you are building transfers directly to the trail. (Retail Value = $67)
  • MTB DB Conditioning Program Coaching Cue Handouts: I’ve included detailed exercise demos for each and every exercise in the program. Knowing how to do the exercises is just as important as knowing how many reps to do and with these Coaching Cue Handouts you won’t be left wondering what each exercise should look and feel like. I designed these handouts so you can print them off and have them for an easy reference when training and when combined wit the video demos do a better job of explaining the exercises than most trainers. (Retail Value = $47
  • The MTB Nutrition Guide: If you aren’t fueling your body properly then you won’t get the most out of your workouts. However, nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. This guide will outline good eating habits and give you the tools you need to start implementing them. It also includes several sample meal plans as well as letting let you know which supplements you should be taking to see maximum results. (Retail Value = $39)

The total value of this package is well over $250!

You can get your copy of the MTB DB Conditioning Program v5 today for only $59 $49but only through the end of the month!

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I also back it up with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, taking all of the risk out of it for you – if you don’t find your self riding faster, longer and with more confidence on the trial just let me know and you’ll get every cent back with no questions asked. Let’s see the next miracle bike part promising to change your riding match that guarantee!

Its time to take control of your progression as a mountain biker. If you want to be a better rider then don’t wait for it to happen – take action and MAKE it happen. I personally guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in the workouts and nutrition info you’ll find in the program package – if not simply let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.

I won’t let you down when you invest in this program – that is my promise to you. I look forward to hearing about your stories about how the MTB Dumbbell Combo Program has helped you ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail.

Ride Strong,

Author- MTB DB Conditioning Program

James Wilson

P.S. There is NO RISK at all for you to try the MTB DB Conditioning Program. If you aren’t thrilled about the increases in speed, endurance and confidence on the trail in the first 8 weeks, just let me know and I’ll happily refund 100% of you order. If you don’t see results I certainly do not want to keep your money.

p.p.s. Every day you wait to start is another day you’ll spend wishing you could ride harder, faster and stronger. Click on the Add to Cart button above to order TODAY!!!

NOTE: The DB Conditioning Workout Program is a downloadable exercise routine manual. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the exercise routine manual and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The exercise routine manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.