Revealed – The truth that no one else will tell you about what it really takes to improve your speed, endurance and skills on the trail…especially if you’re not a “natural” rider.

Discover how to improve your fitness and skills on the trail while fixing the bad habits you don’t even realize are holding you back with the only training system created exclusively for the unique demands of mountain biking.

In only 90 days you will completely change how you ride so you can hit the trail with more confidence and “flow” than you’ve ever imagined.

You’ll finally become the rider you want training as few as 3 hours per week – all while ignoring ridiculous training myths that can actually make you slower on the trail!

If you’re like me and millions of other riders out there then you know how frustrating it can be to hit a wall with your progression as a mountain biker. We all remember the consistent progression that came when we first started riding and how much fun it was.

It seemed like we were able to ride a little further or were able to clean something a little more technical than the last time we rode. But eventually that consistent progression came to a stop and so we started looking for ways to kick start it again.

And this is where we started to get misled

First we’re told that we need to invest in a lighter/ better bike and better gear. This makes sense on the surface and so we do. Usually this upgrade sees another performance increase, confirming in our minds that spending money on our bikes and equipment is one of the answers to improving our performance.

But again you hit a plateau.

This time you’re told that you need to “train” and that training consists of riding hours and hours on a road bike.

For a lot of riders this advice is pretty discouraging. Many of us got into mountain biking because we love trail riding, not road riding. If riding for hours and hours each week on the road or an indoor trainer is what it really takes to become a better mountain biker then maybe it isn’t worth it.

But even for those riders who do try it, many find this approach is usually a disappointment. The results seen on the trail just aren’t what they’d expect from the amount of time they put into training, making it harder and harder to justify the time investment.

So, a lot of mountain bikers end up accepting their fate. They think they just aren’t “natural” riders and they’ve taken their abilities as far as they can and they should just be happy with where they are at.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Every rider reading this has the power in the them to become a significantly better rider once they know the truth about what it really takes to become a better trail rider. 

The problem is that you’ve been lied to.


You’ve been lied to by an industry that wants to sell you a new bike or part under the promise of improving your performance.

You’ve been lied to by “mountain bike coaches” who treat us like road riders on dirt and blindly apply training programs from that sport to ours.

And you’ve been lied to by the riders at your local trailhead who tell you that time spent working on your skills, strength and power is time wasted…you just need to ride your bike more.

The truth is that you can’t just “upgrade” and pedal your way to being a great trail rider…you have to train using a program designed specifically for unique demands of our sport.

I know this makes some people uncomfortable when I point this out but mountain biking is not road riding on dirt and we need a much different approach to improvement.

We need more mobility, core strength, leg strength, upper body stability and technical skills than a roadie. These are things that are simply not addressed by logging countless hours on training rides and working on the perfect “spin”.

In order to truly excel as a rider you need a training program that integrates all of these aspects – plus trail specific cardio – into one package.

The Ultimate MTB Workout Program is the done-for-you mountain bike training solution you’ve been looking for.

If you are looking to accomplish any or all of these things then The Ultimate MTB Workout Program is for you!

  • Increased cardio endurance so that you can ride faster and longer – if you think that you need an “aerobic base” to dominate on the trail you may be wasting your time
  • Increased power for faster sprints, quicker hill climbs, more explosive jumps and/ or blazing gate starts – more powerful riders simply dominate every facet of riding
  • Increased strength for an easier time turning over bigger gears, better bike control and less trail fatigue – stronger riders just find everything easier to do
  • Increased body control and awareness which leads to faster skill progression – learn how to “ride” your bike instead of just hanging onto the handlebars
  • Increased injury protection if you do lose control and go down or get ejected – we all hit the dirt at some point and the best “armor” you can possibly have is a strong, flexible body
  • Decreased muscle fatigue and soreness in the low back, neck and shoulders both during and after a ride – stop letting your aches and pains tell you how long and how many days per week you can ride

The Ultimate MTB Workout Program is the first comprehensive and all inclusive training program in the world developed by a skilled strength and conditioning coach exclusively for mountain bikers. Up until now all that mountain bikers had available to them were programs that might have covered one or two aspects of making you a better rider but left a lot of things unaddressed.

But before I go any further I guess I should take a minute to introduce myself so you know why you should care what I have to say about improving your performance on the trail anyways.

My name is James Wilson and I am the founder of MTB Strength Training Systems. Since 2005, I’ve helped thousands of riders around the world through online programs, articles and videos. My programs have been featured in practically every mountain biking website and magazine, including Decline Magazine,, and Mountain Bike Magazine.

I’ve trained 3 national champions and worked with the Yeti Cycles/ Fox Racing Shox World Cup team, giving me a unique perspective on what it takes to design a truly effective mountain bike specific program.

I tell you this not to impress you but to impress upon you that I know what it takes to help anyone – including you – significantly improve their riding. I’ve packed everything I know into one program that promises to change your riding forever.

This program is the culmination of almost 15 years of my education and experience as a professional trainer and strength coach, the last 10 of them helping thousands of riders around the world through my online training programs.

For the last decade I have been focusing exclusively on how to apply the best methods to the specific and unique demands of mountain biking and the UMWP v6 is the most comprehensive program of its kind.

This is the only mountain bike training program in the world that integrates everything you need to be a successful mountain biker – mobility, strength, cardio, nutrition, skills and mindset. While other programs may cover some of these aspects the Ultimate MTB Workout Program is unique is its holistic approach to helping you ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail.

This comprehensive program covers all 6 things you need to focus on as a mountain bike rider:

” The innovative programs that James Wilson provided for me during the 3 years we worked together played a big role in my rapid success at the highest levels of downhill racing.Any rider who wants to get the most out of their abilities should invest in a program from James – it will definitely help you ride faster and with more confidence. ”

Aaron Gwin – Client from 2008-2010
2009/ 2010 National DH Champ – 4th place final World Cup Standings 2010
Team Yeti/ Fox Racing Shox Factory Team

” I have finally really started my fall training and your program rocks! In my 19 years as a professional athlete and coach I have never had or taught a workout program this effective. When I first talked to you about your program I thought it was very similar to what I have learned and developed for myself and my clients. Wow, was I wrong!

Your strength training program is different and better than anything I have tried in the past. There is an old saying that goes something like – the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Well this year I expect to have more snap, better control and most of all more fun because your program is going to make me stronger than ever. Thank you… ”

Gene Hamilton
Owner/ Operator of Better Ride Skills Camps

” Almost immediately, I felt stronger and more in tune with my body. This spring I rode less XC and road, but somehow I’m climbing stronger. I feel very stable, and I feel like no matter what happens, I can handle it. In four weeks I’ve dropped my 2.4-mile climb home from 18 minutes to 14. Pushing the DH bike up Left Hand Canyon has never been easier. At Sea Otter I felt superhuman. Dude: 2nd in semipro slalom qualifiers — that is awesome for me!

On a busy day when I can’t ride, James’ one-hour workout works me hard and gives me the confidence I’m doing the right thing. I trust the guy, and doing what he says feels easy (mentally, not physically!).I really dig the MTB Strength Training System. It’s teaching me a lot about my body, it’s making me strong, it’s adding variety to my workouts, and it’s actually pretty fun. Most of us can benefit from increased mobility, stability, strength and power. If you’re willing to put in the work, I recommend James Wilson’s program. ”

Lee McCormack
Author – Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

The truth is that the best investment you can make as a mountain biker is not in your bike but in yourself.

Top riders know that it is more about the rider than the bike (despite what all the advertising dollars being pumped into bike magazines tell you) and investing in the Ultimate MTB Workout Program will increase your riding potential on every bike you throw a leg over and every trail that you ride. No other “upgrade” can promise you that.

The Ultimate MTB Workout Program is an all inclusive e-manual with links to supporting video detailing EVERYTHING that you need in order to make you a better rider:

  • A 6 Month Workout Program: This revolutionary workout program progresses you through 6 months of training. One workout is not a real “program”, making this aspect one of the most important features of The Ultimate MTB Workout.This is also one of the training secrets of the top athletes who stay on top. A progressive approach ensures that you will address any imbalances or injury potential that you may have before you start to get into the hard core performance enhancement workouts, protecting you from potential season or career threatening injuries while taking your performance to levels you never dreamed of.
  • The Video Demos of Each Workout: In these 35+ video demos I walk you through each workout, going over exactly how to perform each exercise. I show you how each exercise should look, tell you where you should feel them working plus go over common mistakes and how to fix them. I also reinforce the mountain bike specific lessons of each exercise, explaining how they relate to specific skills we need on the bike. This helps you focus on those skills while training so you can ensure that the fitness you are building transfers directly to the trail.
  • Fully Detailed Workouts for Each Phase: I went to ridiculous lengths to make this workout as easy as possible for you to follow. Each workout has its own detailed training logs for you to print and use during your workouts, leaving nothing to chance or for you to guess at.Each workout covers all of the key areas – cardio, strength, power and mobility. Each exercise in the program is covered in detail with its own Coaching Cue Handout, illustrated the exercise while also covering the coaching cues needed to get the most out of the exercises.There is simply nothing else out there that goes to these lengths to ensure that you know EXACTLY what to do. In fact, these detailed explanations are better than having some random personal trainer at your gym try and instruct you as they usually have no clue how to properly do most exercises themselves.
  • Customized Training Logs for Each Workout: Simply print them off and take them to the gym with you. Fill in your weights, sets and reps so that you can track your progress. Without this valuable tool you are leaving a lot of your results to chance.
  • Racing Specific Energy Systems Development (a.k.a. Cardio) Workouts: Being strong and mobile is great but if you don’t have the engine to put behind it you won’t last long on the trail. However, being able to ride faster and longer on the trail requires a lot more than spending countless hours on a road bike and/ or chasing heart rate and power zones. By following these workouts that target the specific energy systems needs of Enduro Racing/ Trail Riding, XC Racing or Downhill Racing you’ll get an edge on your competition and riding buddies in much less time than you think.

Still not convinced this is the best investment you can possibly make as a mountain biker? Read on…

Something else to keep in mind… since the program was designed by a mountain biker who understands that you would rather be out on the trail riding than in the gym working out each workout is designed to elicit maximum results with minimal time investment. That means that 3 hours per week are all that is required to make an unbelievable impact on your riding.

The program also does not require any fancy equipment to complete. In fact, it is designed to reflect what everyone should have available to them in either a commercial or home gym setting. An Olympic bar and weight plates, a bench and/ or stability ball, some dumbbells, some rubber tubing and a pull up bar are all that you need to complete each workout. Again, it is not about baffling you with a bunch of fancy stuff; it is about delivering a true mountain bike specific program with exercises and equipment that deliver fast and noticeable results.


Plus, I am so confident that The Ultimate MTB Workout Program will dramatically impact your riding that I am going to back it up with a full 60 day money back guarantee!

If you are not convinced that this is the single best strength and conditioning program you have ever seen to improve your riding… if you do not feel that it has helped your riding out more than you expected then simply return it within 60 days and I will gladly refund 100% of you money. I do not want to simply take your money, I want to help you get results. If I am unable to do that then I do not want to keep your investment.

Seriously, where else are you going to get anything even remotely close the sheer amount of quality information and workout programs for this price? It literally comes out to less than a $1 per day investment for this comprehensive and progressive 6 month program that is unlike anything else previously available to you as a mountain bike rider!

You can not even get a decent cup of coffee for $1 and now, for less than that, you have the opportunity to get your hands on the best upgrade you can possibly make to your riding. Plus, it comes with a money back guarantee – let’s see that kind of promise backing up the next bike part you buy!

So, just that we are clear on everything that you are getting: 

  • The Ultimate MTB Workout Program e-manual (immediately downloadable upon completion of purchase) covering absolutely everything that you need to know in order to take your riding to levels never before possible.
  • A 6 month training program covering MTB specific mobility, strength and cardio workouts designed to systematically improve your ability to ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail.
  • Customized training logs for each Phase of the 6 month workout program.
  • My ironclad 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which ensures that you have absolutely nothing to lose.

I usually charge $200-$300 per month for programs (which makes 12 months of programs valued at over $3600) however all of it can be yours for only $197 $97! For less than a new pair of tires that will wear out in a few months (I’ve been there!) you get to invest in something that will last for as long as you are a mountain biker – an improved, more injury resistant “engine” to drive your bike.

And to help make the decision to try the Ultimate MTB Workout Program a little easier for you, you’ll get these free bonuses as well…

  • In-Season Training Program ($199 value): I’ve included these 6 workouts to help you continue your progress during the riding season. With workouts designed to give you the best results in the least amount of time and energy possible, you’ll avoid a late season slump while having more time and energy to put into the most specific training you can do…ride your bike!
  • MTB Skills Training Plan ($199 value): This is the progressive 8 step plan I use with my private coaching clients to help them systematically improve their technical skills. Complete with links to video lessons and skills drills demonstrations, it is like having a private training clinic available whenever you need it.
  • Training & Recovery Tracker ($49 value): One of the secrets that pro riders use that most riders don’t know about is a simple training and recovery tracking tool that helps them avoid over-training before it starts to set in. The harder you push yourself the more you need this tool to keep you from going past your limits and setting yourself back with an injury or illness.
  • The MTB Mobility Package ($39 value): While your strength and power are important, your mobility levels determine how well you can move on and off the bike. Better movement equals better balance and skills on the bike and fewer aches and pains as well. With this series of targeted follow along mobility drill videos and an updated stretching manual you’ll be able to improve your mobility to unlock another level of performance.
  • The MTB Mental Training Guide ($49 value):Another secret that the pros know is that the mind is the hardest part of the body to train but it can make or break your performance when it counts. We’ve all experienced those moments when our mind becomes out own worst enemy and with these simple, proven techniques you can learn to control your mindset for an even higher level of performance.
  • MTB Nutrition & Supplement Guide ($49 value): Knowing how to fuel your training efforts can make the difference between seeing great results and not seeing much at all. However, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to nutrition and supplements and this leaves most riders confused and wasting a lot of money. With this guide you’ll understand the basics things you need to do to see the best results.

Along with the Ultimate MTB Workout Program, these 6 bonuses cover everything you need to see amazing results and are worth almost $600 by themselves, but you can get them all for free as part of this special offer. Plus, I offer a 60 day money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose in checking it out.

This is over $1000 worth of my best programs for just $197 $97…but this deal ends at the end of the month so don’t wait.

Click on the Order Now button below to take advantage of it and get started on the journey towards becoming the rider you want to be with less time and effort than you ever thought possible.

Yes, I’m ready to take my riding to the next level. I know that fitter riders have more fun and never has an opportunity like this been available for me to get into the best riding shape possible and have more fun than ever!

I also understand that I have absolutely nothing to lose since you back your program with an industry best 60 day money back guarantee. I’m going to click on the Order Now button below and take advantage of The Ultimate MTB Workout Program today!

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If you are serious about maximizing your riding potential then this is what you have been waiting for…take advantage of this opportunity today and get more out or your riding!

Ride Strong,

James Wilson – MTB Strength Training Systems

James Wilson

P.S. Remember that you can download the e-manual immediately and it contains the links to the video demos and audio files, meaning that you can get started on the program right away! In 90 days you can completely change your riding or you can be the same rider you are today…the choice is yours. Take action today and take control of your performance on the trail, click on the Order Now button to get started today.

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Still have some questions?

What equipment do I need to do the workouts?

To complete the workouts in the UMWP you will need access to a foam roller, a set of dumbbells or kettlebells ranging from 20-50 pounds (adjustable dumbbells or kettlebells are fine), at least one 16 kg/ 35 pound kettlebell, a chin up bar, some rubber tubing or strength bands and a basic bar and wieght plates weight set. A suspension trainer and/ or a bench would be good to have but are not needed.

How much time each week does it take to see results?

The program is scalable to the amount of time you have available, from as little as 2 hours up to 10-12 hours week. By making sure that you focus on the things that deliver the biggest impact on the trail you can see noticeable results in much less time. In fact, I’ve had more than one rider tell me that it almost feels like cheating when you see how little you really have to do to see an impact on your riding.

Isn’t strength training only for Downhillers and Freeriders?

Strength training can help you excel at the more aggressive side of riding like standing pedaling, railing through rock gardens and exploding into bunny hops and off jumps. All of these things are usually associated with Downhilling or Freeriding but they aren’t exclusive to them. Every mountain biker reading this can benefit from and have more fun as a result of strength training even if you have no idea what the words “chairlift access” or “huck” even mean.

How can The Ultimate MTB Workout Program help improve my endurance for longer rides/ races?

While the strength training is definitely a big part of the program, the real goal of it is to improve your efficiency on the bike. It does this through working on your movement off the bike and showing you how to apply that improved movement to the bike through better posture and skills. All of this adds up to you being able to go faster while using less energy. If you want to be able to sustain a strong pace on the trail for 2-6+ hours without spending half your life on a trainer/ road bike then this is the program for you.

Shouldn’t I just ride or do extra cardio training with any extra time I have instead of strength training?

The simplest answer is this – while cardio training can help you improve the size of the gas tank, strength and mobility training can help you improve the efficiency/ gas mileage of the engine. Strength and mobility training, especially when done the way you will in this program, helps you maintain balance and strengthen areas you need on the trail but don’t use enough on the trail to improve like your core and hips. When you move better you will be stronger in the gym and be able to move more efficiently on your bike, especially as you fatigue or the trail gets rough. Just focusing on cardio simply doesn’t improve everything you really need to be a better rider.

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NOTE: The Ultimate MTB Workout Program is a downloadable exercise routine manual. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the exercise routine manual and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The exercise routine manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.