First, I hope that this podcast finds you healthy and safe. Mountain biking is an important part of our lives but there are much bigger things that a lot of people are going through and I hope that you’re doing as well as you can with the situation.

With that said, I know that a lot of riders find themselves trying to figure out how to modify their normal training and riding schedule – I’m one of them as well. So I wanted to put together a list of my top 3 tips for doing that.

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Top 3 Tips for Training During the CV-19 Pandemic

  1. Try to maintain your routine as much as possible and keep your normal training time.
  2. If you need to outfit a home gym without a lot of money then consider using strength bands and isometric training to help.
  3. Use this time to develop the movement skills behind the technical skills you use on the bike.
    Bonus Tip – Don’t try to make up for lack of trail rides with a lot of Crossfit style/ High Intensity strength training type stuff. The best cardio you can do is on a bike so if you have access to one then use it, otherwise don’t panic and start using strength and power training as cardio training. This type of training has a higher chance of getting you hurt and getting you back on the trail with bad movement habits and overuse injuries waiting to happen.

Unless this is the endgame for the world government/ Illuminati and we end up under a medical dictatorship then we will get through this to ride another day. Doing what you can to keep up a good training routine will help in the short term and the long term so hopefully these tips will help you do that.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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