In this video I show you a great workout using a single kettlebell and two of my favorite training methods – Isometrics and Hybrid Exercises. This workout will build strength and MTB specific cardio in less than 30 minutes.

Everyone know how valuable kettlebell training can be for mountain biking and by using these two training methods you can do even more with this minimalist training tool.

First, Isometrics are a great way to build strength without a lot of weight – and the wear and that goes along with it. Second, Hybrid Exercises are a great way to build the High Tension Cardio we need on the trail without and fancy cardio equipment.

Start and end with a good warm up and decompression flow like this one and you’ve got a great home based workout to help you improve the movements and fitness we need on the trail.

Ground Skills

Set a timer for 5 minutes do 3 reps on each side, repeating until the timer goes off.

Hip Heist Turkish Get Up X 3 reps on each side

Isometric Exercises

Hold each position for 30-60 seconds.

1 – Front KB Hold X 30-60 second hold

2 – Single Leg Bridge X 30-60 second hold each leg

3 – Goblet Squat Hold X 30-60 second hold

Hybrid Exercise Circuit

Set a timer for 10 minutes do 5 reps of each exercise, repeating until the timer goes off.

1 – Stagger Stance Deadlift + Row X 5 reps each side

2 – Goblet Squat + Two Handed Press X 5 reps

James Wilson

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