In this video I show you 3 exercises to build advanced MTB specific core strength. While core strength is important, how you build it is even more important if you want to see the best crossover to the trail.

Looking at 3 of the most important MTB specific movement patterns (Horizontal Press, Lunge and Hip Hinge), I show you ways to build your core strength in the same context as you will be using it on the bike. Be warned, though, that these exercises are extremely tough and will probably require some time and patience to get better at. 

But I promise you that the “juice is worth the squeeze” and if you persevere you’ll create a bulletproof core that will keep you riding strong and injury free. Getting stronger is about challenging your weaknesses, not stroking your ego, and these exercises epitomize this philosophy. 


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Until next  time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

“When you truly understand The Way you can take any form that you want to. It is almost as if you had miraculous powers. You can become light as a feather, fluid as water or stiff as a board.” Miyamoto Musashi – The Book of Five Rings


2 thoughts on “Building Advanced MTB Core Strength

  1. Butch says:

    Can I plug these into the Atomic Strength workouts? If so, which is better? Before or after the programmed isometrics?

    • James Wilson says:

      Definitely. I usually suggest that you incorporate other exercises at the end of a training session so that you aren’t taking away from the overall program.

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