A few months ago I had an insight – my training has changed a lot since I had turned 40 and created my original 40+ MTB Rider Training Program. While still the only mountain bike training program geared for the realities of getting older, when I had created it I was just starting my journey into this uncharted territory. 

This is why I’ve spent the last few months working on a training program that reflects these changes. Seeing better results in less time and with fewer aches and pains from training is something I figured some of my fellow 40+ year old riders would benefit from.

I don’t make changes like this lightly because I’m very careful about endorsing new things. I know that a lot of people trust me to help them figure out the best ways to train for mountain biking, which leads back to why I’m creating this new program…

Simply put, I know that this is a better approach than what I was previously using. And to help make the decision to check it out as easy as possible, I’m offering a special deal during the release of the new program.

Now through January 10th you can get the new 40+ MTB Rider Training Program for only $19, which is over 50% off the regular price. You’re also going to get some sweet bonuses and a money back guarantee – if it doesn’t work for you I don’t deserve to keep your money.

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But I know that you will be successful with this program because it covers everything you need from the perspective of the rider who want to ride stronger now and for years to come:

#1: Strength – You get two 12 -week training programs. While similar, each program is based on the equipment you have available. There is a Bodyweight program for people that don’t have access to any weights and a Kettlebell/ Dumbbell version for riders who have access to those types of weights.

Each program uses Isometrics to build strength while also using specific movement based exercises to work on MTB specific movements that you need on the bike. Each exercise has a short video demo where I explain exactly what you need to know to get the most out of it, giving you what you need to do the program with confidence.

#2: Cardio – Each program also uses CO2 Tolerance Workouts (a.k.a. Breath Holds) to improve your ability to push harder without triggering the “breathless” feeling. This type of cardio training has also been shown to improve the strength of the respiratory muscles, increase EPO and Red Blood Cells as well as delay lactic acid and fatigue.

#3: Mobility – Each workout has a follow-along warm up video that takes you through a mobility routine to prepare for your workout. This routine can also be done before a ride as well. In addition, you will get the MTB Mobility Routines (a collection of more follow-along mobility routines) and the MTB Stretching Manual, plus advice on how to use them in the program.

#4: Mindset – A big part of controlling your mindset is Better Breathing. How you breathe affects your stress hormones and this chemistry affects your consciousness. Without having a plan to improve and optimize this part of your health and fitness you are just leaving it to chance.

Another part of improving your mindset is to improve your ability to focus your attention. This is best accomplished (according to tradition and science) through meditation. The Breath Light exercise we use in the program is a form of mindfulness meditation and, again, is part of an active plan to help improve and optimize your mindset.

In your Better Breathing folder you’ll find the things you need to start improving your breathing:

  • A Better Breathing assessment you can do at home
  • Breath Light instructions and an audio file for a guided session
  • Benefits of Better Breathing Overview video and PDF file

You’ll also get the MTB Mental Training Manual as part of your bonuses. In it you’ll find advice on using visualization and more advice on using meditation to improve your performance on the trail.

#5: Technical Skills – This is where MTB Strength Training Systems has always been a unique option for riders – by linking how you move in the gym to execute exercises to how you should move on the bike to execute different skills you are able to come at the problem of improving your skills from a much more holistic approach. 

As part of the program itself you will find a Skills Training portion for each phase of the workout. This is an in depth look at a specific skill through the lens of applying the movement skills we are building in the gym to the bike, drills to help improve that skill and things to focus on during your rides.  

#6 Bonuses: In addition to the materials I’ve already mentioned, you’ll get a couple of the bonuses to help you on with your development on and off the bike:

  • Training and Recovery Tracker: This is a spreadsheet that uses some basic self evaluations to give you a recovery score. This recovery score can help you make day to day decisions about your training to help avoid over training and overuse injuries while also serving as a way to see trends in your overall fitness levels. The missing ingredient in a lot of riders’ programs is better recovery tactics and the Training and Recovery Tracker will help you get better results from your workouts.
  • The Underground Skills Training Manual: Over the years I’ve compiled a lot of resources about how to apply better movement skills to the technical skills you need on the bike. In this manual I’ve compiled my best resources under the areas they help improve – 1) Cockpit Control, 2) Air Control and 3) Cornering Control. With this manual you’ll have the resources you need to improve your skills on a foundational level that most approaches miss.

Click Here to Get Your Copy of This New Program!

In addition to all of this you’ll get email access to me to answer your questions. I’m here to help you succeed and I’ll do what I can to help you towards your goals.

And to that end I’m also going to be hosting a private webinar on the 13th for the riders who invest in the new 40+ MTB Rider Training Program. In this webinar I’ll be going over the workout in more detail and answering any questions you have during the webinar or that you send in before the webinar. You’ll also get access to the replay of the webinar in case you can’t make it to the live one or if you just want to go back and see something again.

I’ll be sending out more info about the webinar when you sign up for the program during the special release period, which goes through January 10th. During this time you can get everything I’ve touched on here for only $19. This is over half off the regular price of this ride changing program and one of the best investments you can make in yourself for the coming year.

If you’re a 40+ year old mountain bike rider then this is the program for you. Designed by a fellow 40+ rider who has over 20 years experience working with riders at all levels, it is the only program of its kind. With a unique approach to the problem of staying strong and fit as you get older, it will give you better results in less time, all while leaving you with the time and energy you need to enjoy your new fitness on and off the trail.

Again, I know this program and the approach I use isn’t for everyone. But if you feel like your current approach isn’t giving you the results you want then this is something you should consider. I’m also backing it with a 90 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Click Here to Get Your Copy of This New Program!

So I hope you’ll give me the chance to help you with the 40+ MTB Rider Training Program. For only $19 you’ll get everything you need to improve how you feel and perform both on and off the bike, plus you get a money back guarantee. Just click on the link below to get your copy before this special deal ends on January 3rd.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

3 thoughts on “Get A Special Deal On My New 40+ MTB Rider Training Program!

  1. Jussi says:

    Hi James,

    I already emailed you about this, but now that I noticed you have a blog post about the new program, I thought maybe my question would also help other, when posted here…

    Always looking to try something new in my training, I was happy to notice that you’ve published this new training program. However, I wonder if it could add value in my specific situation:
    For the past couple of years, I’ve been using the UMWP v7 and been happy with it. During lockdown I briefly tried also Atomic Strength training and have been working on Ryan Leech’s Online Skills training (though not that consistently at all). In addition, I aim for 1-3 times yoga or foam rolling / week.
    I’m riding MTB year round, although in the off-season snowboarding and cross-country skiing take up some of that space. My riding is both bike park and trail, and I might participate in an occasional enduro, DH or even XC marathon race for fun and to see where I am as a rider.
    Probably the biggest riding goals for me, after all, are to have fun, stay fit and not hold back the pack on riding trips with my buddies (e.g. this month we’re going to Spain for an intensive week of shuttle-assisted riding).
    Just last week I started my 3rd off-season with the UMWP. I planned to do a shorter version (12-16 weeks) this time, as I did a few months of more “conventional” strength training after the summer riding season 2021. I’d planned to then move back to your In-season Program around April 2022.
    I’m a 39-year old rider and though age is just a number, not technically 40+ yet. In any case, I thought I wouldn’t need a 40+ training program before closing 50 😉 …admittedly, though, pains and aches are starting to be a matter of consideration from time to time, though not holding me back much for now.

    Now the question is, whether I would be better off (= healthier, fitter, maybe even faster) as a rider, if I continued to follow the UMWP, or would the new 40+ program bring an added benefit? If so, should I use the 40+ program instead of my off-season UMWP or as an in-season program or both? Or some other specific point in the training cycle? And should I do just one 12-week stint and then go back to UMWP, or keep repeating the 12-week blocks for a longer time?

    • bikejames says:

      First, thanks for the support so far and I’m glad to hear that you’ve been getting good results from the UMWP.

      As for your question, here is what I would advise…

      If you have the time, energy and equipment for the UMWP then it still going to be your best overall program but I’d adjust a few things based on the new things I’ve changed. If you find that the UMWP is starting to tax your time and energy then the 40+ program would a be a good change of pace.

      If you stick with the UMWP I’d do an Atomic Strength workouts instead of Workout C during the week. I’d also add in the CO2 Tolerance workouts and the breathwork stuff from the 40+ program. Replacing the intervals with the CO2 tolerance workouts and doing the Breath Light exercise would give you the best of both worlds.

      I do plan on updating the UMWP this year to reflect these things but right now you can get all the pieces from these programs. If you have any more questions about how to do this let me know.

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