Look, I know that Isometric Training isn’t sexy. No one really uses it because everyone knows that it isn’t very effective at building real world strength. Plus, it is boring and not much fun to do, especially when compared to some of the cool things you can post on IG that look much more impressive than not moving at all.

But if you’ll give me a few minutes I’ll explain to you why we’ve had it all wrong. It wasn’t that Isometric Training isn’t effective, it was that we didn’t really understand the context of how it can help us ride with more strength, endurance and confidence on the trail.

When used the right way it will improve your strength and endurance on the trail, helping you pedal with more power, sustain harder impacts and be able to stay strong longer into rides with less fatigue from hard efforts. 

On the bike, Isometric Strength is used to create the “platform” for you to move around, especially through the core. Improving your Isometric Strength will improve your ability to sustain hard efforts and impacts on the trail since you won’t have to work as hard to create this platform.

Isometrics also improve your cardio in two ways. First, and most directly, it does this by increasing the enzymes needed for aerobic metabolism within the cells. This helps the cells utilize the oxygen that you take in, helping you make more efficient use of your cardio capacity.

Second, and more indirectly, it does this by improving your mental toughness during High Tension Cardio efforts. Mountain Biking uses a lot of High Tension Cardio and most riders struggle

 with this specific aspect of trail riding, making Isometrics important for your endurance training as well.

In addition to improving your strength and cardio, Isometric Training is also one of the safest ways to train. It puts less stress directly on the joints, which makes it perfect for riders who are looking for ways to train and ride for a lifetime.

All of this makes Isometric Training one of the best things you can do to improve your performance on the bike. And based on my own personal experience and research into Isometric Training and the different ways to apply it I have created a new way to apply it to our sport – The Atomic Strength Training Program.

The Atomic Strength Training Program is the world’s first Isometric Training System designed for the unique demands of trail riding. It is a completely unique training system that you won’t find anywhere else. And through this week you can get it for only $19, which is 60% off the regular price.

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By combining two different types of Isometric Training Methods this training program attacks the problem of “strength” from two different angles.

The first is Ramping Isometrics, which work on your ability to create higher levels of tension in a muscle, which is the basic building block for “strength”… all other things being equal, more tension will result in more “strength”.

Timed Isometrics work on your recruitment patterns, or how efficiently you are creating tension within a position. This is directly tied to your Movement Efficiency, which is important for strength and endurance… moving more efficiently results in less energy being used to produce the same levels of strength and power.

By coming at the problem of getting “stronger” from both angles you have a training system that improves your MTB specific strength in ways that no other program can. Plus, since Isometric Training creates less wear and tear on the body you have more time and energy to ride your bike, which is the most “sport specific” training you can do.

The Atomic Strength Training Program Manual contains everything you need to get started and advance your workouts. You have a 12 week Foundational Workouts routine to get you familiar with Isometric Training and the Atomic Strength Training System. You also get 6 bonus workouts you can do when you finish the Foundational Workouts as well as a blank template so you can create your own workouts. 

All you need for the workouts is a long strap – like a BJJ belt or even a large beach towel – and some strength training bands/ Pull Up Assist Bands, making it perfect for working out at home or on the road. 

Each exercise in the system has a short demo video showing you how to safely get set up and what to focus on. You also get 5 follow-along warm up videos to help you get ready for your workouts and 5 follow-along decompression routines to help you start the recovery process when you are done. 

In addition to the 31 page manual I also provide a Quick Start Guide, which shows you exactly what you need to know to get started with the first workouts in about 15 minutes. 

This program will improve your strength and endurance on the trail with only two 20 minute workouts a week. It will produce results with less wear and tear on the body and leaving you with more energy to put into your rides. It is a great stand alone workout or you can use it along with another movement based workout if you have the time and energy. 

Click Here to Get Your Copy For Only $19

If you have questions about the program let me know or you can click this link to learn more. But remember that this special price only lasts through this weekend.

This program is the same system that has become a cornerstone of my own training for the last 2 years. Until now the only way to get access to it was to work directly with me, but now you can take advantage of this new training program for only $19. Click the link above and let me show you why Isometric Training was the missing link to your MTB specific training program.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems


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