Last week my family and I drove to Moab to pick up a puppy from the Underdog Rescue in Moab and now little Ajax is a part of the Wilson tribe. He’s been a great addition so far, although he does require a lot of attention and likes to cause distractions.

Which is why I’m a little late with sharing this interview I did with The MTB Tribe Podcast that came out last week. This is the 3rd time Gareth has had me on his podcast and this time he wanted to talk about my Riding For A Lifetime system.

It is based on 3 pillars that make up the overall philosophy – 1) Sustainable Training Methods, 2) Sustainable Riding Strategies and 3) Efficient Movement On & Off The Bike. These 3 things make up the framework of my own training and the programs I have been designing and I was excited to get the chance to share some more thoughts on this important subject.

Click Here To Listen To This Podcast

I hope you enjoy this interview and get some ideas to help you train to ride better not only tomorrow but for years to come. Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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