In this video I answer a rider’s question about the best way to fuel for energy on a long ride. My answer may surprise you…

3 thoughts on “Rider Q&A: What Kind Of Fueling Strategy Do I Need For Energy On Long Rides?

  1. John G. says:

    I know you were pointing out about training correctly, but I do have a unique fueling strategy during rides. Gatorade, etc. makes me queasy. So, I pack a light beer, fits right in my Camelbak and halfway through my ride I drink the beer, some cheese and crackers, and some deli meat and I am ready for the rest of my ride.

  2. Chad Soles says:

    Awesome info, thanks so much. I’m 46 and just really starting to ride so all the help I can get is greatly appreciated. Love your videos and willingness to share your knowledge of this wonderful sport.

  3. Rodney says:

    For every breakfast (and an early morning ride) I prepare a large shake, full milk 0.5L, 2 raw eggs, banana, pinch of salt, small piece of ginger etc.. Either drink it all in one go, or in the car heading for the ride. Due to the high protein content, this is digested slowly, and this provides fluid and energy gradually during the ride, and includes proteine for recovery. Keeps me going for hours. Only need to bring minimal water and often don’t need this..

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