Few exercises boast as much transfer to the trail as the single leg deadlift. While the regular deadlift is one of my favorite mountain bike training exercises, the truth is that on the trail, we pedal with one leg at a time, so the single leg version is more specific to what we actually do on the trail.

Besides helping to build a stronger, more efficient pedal stroke the single leg deadlift also builds the core strength and upper back strength you need for better body position on the trail, leading to better balance and control when the trail gets rough. In short, it is one exercise that any serious rider should have in their program on a regular basis.

In this video I show you how to learn the right way to move when doing a single leg deadlift, ensuring that you are training your core and hips and not just wearing out your knees and low back. I also go over some common mistakes and ways to correct them, helping you get the most out of every rep.

-James Wilson-

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