My family and I have decided that it’s time to get a new dog and so we’ve been keeping an eye out for a puppy that seems like a good fit. My wife found a place in Moab that finds homes for puppies and last week we went to check out a puppy we had found on their website.

Of course, I knew that we would be going home having decided to keep it. Outside of attacking our kids, it’s really hard for a puppy to screw up a meeting with someone who is interested in adopting them. 

And so, true to my prediction, I have a new dog about to enter the mix. Getting ready for a puppy is one of those things you can only do so much of before the dog gets there. After that, they’ll show you what you really should have been taking care of as they expose all the weaknesses in your plans.

But before I start finding a new place for my shoes that isn’t on the floor by the front door inviting disaster, I wanted to share a new BikeJames Podcast with you. The list of podcast topics I had written down was starting to pile up and so I wanted to record another one to help me get back on top of it.

In this episode I cover…

Training – The 3 Axioms of MTB Training:

  • Behind every technique on your bike is a movement skill your body requires – you can’t control your bike if you can’t control your body.
  • Athleticism is contextual – movement demands are specific to the environment.
  • Mindful movement practice helps to supplement the rest of your training.

Skills –  Effects of bar rise on your body and ride: Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of more rise and what you shouldn’t be using them to make up for.

Rider Q&A – Isometric Training for Low Back Pain/ Slipped Discs: Should you avoid certain exercises and should you feel you low back getting “sore” from training?

You can download or stream this episode by clicking the link below:

Click Here To Download This Podcast Episode

I hope you enjoy this new episode and get something from it that can help your training and riding. Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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