When I first started working out over 30 years ago the strength training world was run by bodybuilding. We all thought that if you wanted to get bigger and stronger then you needed to split the body up by bodyparts and try to isolate the muscles.

Eventually the strength training world started to wake up and realize that there is a lot more to building an athlete and that our muscles don’t work in isolation. They work together to create movement patterns, and it was these movement patterns that we needed to focus on.

Now we have programs that work on Pushing, Pulling, Squatting, Hinging and – depending on who you ask – several other “functional movements”. And while these programs are a huge leap forward compared to the bodybuilding inspired BS of the ’80’s, I’ve started to realize that there is still an important factor that we are still missing.

In this webinar I share The 4 Quadrants of Tension, which is a concept I came up with to help me make better MTB specific programs. By going deeper than just the movement patterns and looking at the “tension creation skills” we need on the trail we can see how to use the best methods and tools for our needs on the trail.

As strength training continues to evolve we’ll be able to produce better results in less time. By using The 4 Quadrants of Tension you can start to tap into a level of training that few others know about but can really make a huge impact.

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