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In Defense Of Dumbbells, Breathing & Functional Movement and How Narrow Is Too Narrow With Handlebars

I’ve got a new podcast for you today covering some important topics to help improve your training and riding. In it I’ll be sharing my thoughts on dumbbells for MTB specific training, the findings of a study that looked at breathing patterns and functional movement, plus I’ll answer a rider’s question about how narrow is […]

Want To Improve Your Skills? Answer This Question First…

When I first started riding it didn’t take me long to realize that my technical skills on the bike were going to be an important part of being a mountain biker. While fitness obviously plays a big role, there were certain things I couldn’t just “fitness” my way through. Of course, my experience was definitely […]

Medical Preparedness For Mountain Biking: Podcast Interview With Brian McLaughlin

While most riders understand the need for better technical skills to ride with more confidence and improve their safety on the trail, few understand the need for basic medical skills to improve these things as well. There are a lot of reasons for this lack of understanding, including lack of coverage in the mountain biking […]