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New Podcast – Inside Hand Pressure, How Many Sets & My Wim Hoff Experience

Being willing to try something new is the unintentional theme of this BikeJames Podcast. After recording it and thinking about the topics I realized that all of them were new things for me that I had to try at some point which called into question what I thought I already knew. We all know that […]

Why Mountain Biking Is Not A “Gender Neutral” Sport…And Why That’s Alright.

I’ve always thought of mountain biking as a great way for men and women to come together. My wife and I ride together, I’ve had several female riding buddies over the years and, in general, if a girl was willing to show up and get a little dirty, she was welcomed into the group. Unfortunately, […]

Free Follow Along MTB Specific Workout 5-2-20 – Riding For A Lifetime Group Class

This is the video from the Riding For A Lifetime Group Class I did on 5-2-20. It is a combination of mobility and isometric training and all you need is your bodyweight and a long strap of some kind (Large Beach Towel, Forearm Forklift or a BJJ Belt are things that would work). Hit play […]

Isometrics For Mountain Biking – What Is The Atomic Strength Training Program?

In this webinar I’m going over the history and science of Isometric Training. I also cover my new Atomic Strength Training Program and how it can help you ride faster and longer on the trail. Click Here To Learn More About The Atomic Strength Training Program Until next  time… Ride Strong, James Wilson

Get The New Atomic Strength Training Program For Only $19

Look, I know that Isometric Training isn’t sexy. No one really uses it because everyone knows that it isn’t very effective at building real world strength. Plus, it is boring and not much fun to do, especially when compared to some of the cool things you can post on IG that look much more impressive […]

Swings For Mountain Biking: Going Beyond The Kettlebell – Free Webinar Replay

Swings are a great way to work on your MTB specific movement skills. In this webinar I explain why Swings are more than just a Kettlebell exercise, give you some tips for improving your Swings and give you some other variations that can help improve your riding. Until next  time… Ride Strong, James Wilson